May. 25th, 2012

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[The communicator flickers on to show the outskirts of the city but more importantly, a woman with pure white wings sleeping. The woman shivers a little before stirring....

She blinks and gains a confused look on her face, instantly moves to stand up, wings ruffling a little. A quick glance around before she speaks in Ancient Laguz.]

What is this?.... Where am I? Brothers? Mother? Father? Where is this?!

[She talks a few steps before wincing. She lifts the helm of her dress to examine her now bleeding feet. A small frown moves on her face before she lets go of her dress with a deep breath and sings....

Her song however doesn't last long as a flock of Keese has caught unto the scent of fresh spilled blood and the comms shuts off after that last image is shown.]


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