May. 15th, 2012

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[Flandre’s voice this time sounds…actually a lot less cranky than it had before!

…she’s still slightly grumpy—but more curious than properly grumpy.

I think the machine the scientists used got stuck.

Has anyone gotten eaten yet? I hope not. That wouldn’t be a very good way of saying hello. Not at all.

[A pause, as she remembers something.]

Oh, and I have this map here if anyone wants that, too—but only for Discedo, I don’t have the ones for Spero or Dissimulo.

Or I can carry you if you want to go somewhere, as long as it isn't too bright out.
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[Cube is in an apron today, standing behind the counter of the cafe.]

I'd like to announce that Cafe Alpha is open once more. I'm not sure how many new residents we have, b-but you're all welcome to come here for some tea or coffee.

The sweets we have are limited, I'm afraid. But I'm still allowing newcomers to have one sweet without needing to bring anything for exchange. First come first serve, however. So once they're gone, I'm afraid that's all I have for today.

[Without warning, Cube's attention darts to the side. His eyes follow something for a moment before he nervously starts to fidget.]

Ah, and... t-that's it!

Have a good day!

[Just before the feed cuts off, he can be seen ducking behind the counter, out of sight.]

((ooc: Feel free to ACTION anything in Cafe Alpha.))
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[With so many people out and about, Tatsumi is happily prowling the streets looking for a quick bite... to quench his thirst. I mean, with all the commotion lately, it'll be easy, even with his chip in.

So, you may or may not have a "werepire" shadowing your steps. He has the happiest of faces on, just cruising along...

[If that's not your cup of tea, cake, or choice of other delights, he'll also be at the local bar in Discedo, serving drinks, food, and what not. So feel free to drop by there as well.]
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