May. 14th, 2012


May. 14th, 2012 02:42 am
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[Kresnik looks at all of the new people that have suddenly arrived in Dissimulo. Well, this has happened before.]

If needed, I'll explain the situation to you.
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[England frowns down at the camera and huffs.] Well, quite a turn out we've got here, isn't it? Is everyone quite alright? If anyone needs anything, do let me know.

[She suddenly looks rather contemplative.] I wonder if we'll have room for everyone at this rate...

[Rosemary is in her Marshall apartment if anyone wants to action it up. :D]
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Guess the scientists got kinda busy bringing people here, huh?

Well, welcome to Discedo everyone! Sorry about all this; it's sort of a mess around here. Springtime in Discedo, what can I say? ((AWKWARD LAUGH.)) Anyway, well, if there's anyone who needs a hand with anything like moving in or finding stuff, just give me a shout, alright? I'm Sakura; you should find me over at the hospital the rest of today, so don't be afraid to stop by, either!

Anyway.. hope everyone's feeling better. ((sort of directed at the Exploration team. Yeah, she's still sort of having trouble bouncing back.))
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[ .. Ah, yes, now this is a situation Ange recognizes. Again. What is this, the fourth time or so? And usually it just brings a barrage of trolls and maybe one or two people at most she does want to see..

Oh well. No choice but to put up with it, right? ]

If you need an explanation on what's going on, ask someone else, there's plenty of people offering to do so. Or just don't bother me unless you're someone you know I want to see.

[ although her antisocialness actually just calls for people to troll her inevitably. ]
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[At the front door of house number 1118 in Dissimulo, Gellert is leaning against the frame and watching the street and any people wandering by. He also checks his communicator with interest, noticing many new faces. He muses aloud to himself but can certainly be overheard.]

Something interesting is certainly going on....
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So...wait wait. When'd it get so crowded around here? I don't think I've seen half you people around--Oiiii is this some trick, or did those bastard scientists really drag this many people here at once?

[ WELL WHATEVER.It's not like it matters anyway. ]

OI OI new people! Hope you can get settled in alright. If any of you need some help, don't hesitate to ask, yeah? I'll come over and lend a hand. Oh! And if any of you need to get anywhere but can't fight? Well--I can help with that too! Like a bodyguard! I can really kick ass, so you'd be safe with me around.

Right, well good luck! You'll need it, believe me.
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