Apr. 18th, 2012

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[ the feed is greeted with the amiable smile of girl with bright pink hair— and an even brighter spark in her eyes should one take notice. she seems to be outside given by the lighting. although it isn't visible in the feed, she's currently in the process of hauling a lot of wood; however, both the sweat and the odd movement from her exertion is plainly visible. when she speaks, it's in a polite yet excited manner. ]

Good day. If anyone can tell me the quickest way to acquire a hammer and nails in the Discedo area I would be very grateful. I'm a little busy so I don't really have time to play a guessing game with all the buildings in the area. If someone would spare me the tools his or herself that would be even better. Thank you.
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[sup guys, there's a cat with a paper bag over its head. also a smilie on it.

it presses its paws to its communicator.

akjd dfg hjhfgjjjjjjjjjjjjj


(ooc: action for whoever wants it, he will literally be everywhere and anywhere.)
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