Apr. 17th, 2012

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[ Congratulations Discedo, you are greeted by the most fucking obnoxious sound you never missed. The screen turns black, displaying in white text:

for the following cities: Discedo
Fortuna Weather Service
Issued a

A mic turns on. A poor quality one at that, since static overlays the voices. You might have to listen closely for the broadcast to be intelligible.
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[Have a marine huddled over covering his ears. OH GOD THE PAIN. Oh, and it's finally over. He will just... get up like nothing happened. Okay, and maybe punch the comm. And that's without even knowing it's already recording, quickly evidenced by how he tries to fiddle with it to get it on before nodding to himself as if he got it working.]

Are those annoying harpies usually accurate about this sort of crap?

A regular storm would be fine, a New World storm... this place doesn't have the building structure to survive it. And what the fuck was with that volcano crack? Surely that's bullshit. [Language language. But yeah, he forgot there are probably kids listening, and the dude can't swim, nor does he have his bike. Shit sucks yo.]


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