Apr. 16th, 2012

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[What is this? The communicator turns on to

a stick. A long, twisty, gloriously brown thing that is repeatedly poking its screen.

Holding the stick is a kid wearing shorts and long socks and a beige polo shit but that's not at all important. It's a kid, and he thinks he's getting closer to triggering an unexploded bomb every time he pokes the strange device. He looks far too bored to be doing what he thinks he's doing.]

Boring, stupid thing. Germans can't even make proper bombs, the pigs.

[Poke poke poke

Alright, he's getting bored and he's dropping the stick

and he's bending over to pick up some rocks. Can you guess what they're for?]
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So... I'm supposed to use this to communicate? Turning it on was easy enough. Lesse here...

Hello? Is anyone out there?

Maybe I'm dreaming... [Selphie pauses to pinch herself.] OUCH! Hm... So I'm not dreaming then.

Where am I anyway? I've been lost before but never just dumped somewhere. This better not be a prank or somebody's gonna get it!

Squall? Irvy? Rinoa? Quisty? Zell? Sis?

[The sounds of Selphie's bootsteps are heard as she starts to get her bearings.] Huh... my Nunchaku's nowhere to be seen. Looks like I'll just have to improvise! I just need to find shelter or find supplies to make shelter.

Better get going then. A compass would be great right about now...


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