Apr. 15th, 2012

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[When the feed clicks on, there's some slight cranking noises like someone was trying to screw in something followed by a frustrated grunt and a slight low swear word. You see, ever since someone decided to mention that a kid made some pretty complicated stuff, that left Enil a little shaken. But the best thing to do was to work through it...

But that plan is failing fast.

Thankfully she didn't notice the voice function turn on as she grabbed the communicator reluctantly and speaks.]

If someone is stuck on something, how does one fix it?
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[When the video feed switches on there is a faint, spider's web line across the center of the image, as if the lens of the camera itself is cracked.]

[Hakuba is looking slightly less put together than is his norm, hair askew and coat jacket bundled tightly around one of his hands, obscuring it completely from view. His shirt sleeves are rolled up to his elbows and the look he's giving the device could almost be considered bemused, under the circumstances, even if he does look a bit strained.]

Somehow when the note said "use this", I don't imagine it meant as a blunt weapon.

While I'm certain it's far too much to ask for the proper authorities to be called in this situation as that would rather contradict my being here in the first place, I don't suppose it could be too outrageous to request some sort of bandages or antiseptic, could it?

[He frowns slightly as a thought occurs to him and tightens the jacket around his hand a little bit more.] I'm not going to need some form of tetanus or rabies shot after being bitten by one of these... creatures, will I?

((OOC: Hakuba has landed in DISCEDO... and been promptly attacked by a monster D:))


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