Apr. 12th, 2012

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[He starts off showing off the Spring art everyone's been doing around the apartment. It might not last long, but it's nice while it does.]

Thank you everyone who's been helping out on this. It's come out fantastically, eh? And there are still more walls to cover if anyone else is interested in a little side-project. [And with that a pair of dark blue ear hair tufts drifts lazily into view. Sneaking closer like the top fin on a shark moving through the water. Marco, however, seems oblivious.]

I started storing a bunch of the books onto the comms awhile back. Mostly the medical books for Cube, and then some of the romance novels a friend left behind. The ones I finished with I put over in the High School library, but this way if something happens to them again, we'll still have the content on these comms, eh? [And into view pops the terrifying werepire! AHHH! He sneaks up over Marco's shoulder and then sees the comm and grins.]

Teatime Sweetiebird!

[Marco jumps slightly at the voice and scowls at the nickname.] Don't call me that.

As you wish, Master.

[Despite that creepy interruption, Marco carries on.] I have an index of the ones I put in manually, but I'm not sure which books to tackle next. Any requests or at least genre preferences? And if you want to share your favorite books, I'll add those too.
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[The comms turn on between mid-morning and noontime shows the image of Sai, Amaterasu and an Eevee cirled up on a small bed sleeping much like this. The trio looks peaceful in their sleep and the only thing that is different is that Sai is missing an arm and where the arm once was is just a bloody spot that is slowly healing up. The comm continues to record them before slowly timing out.]


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