Apr. 11th, 2012

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[The video feed first shows Kirika looking into the camera, but she soon turns it to reveal that she's riding on a motorcycle with Kresnik driving it. This wouldn't be too abnormal of a sight, except for the fact that they're completely surrounded by water with the motorcycle driving across it. Although neither of their expressions can be seen, both riders are very nonchalant about this fact.

Kirika moves the camera to catch more of their surroundings and this goes on for a few minutes before the feed ends.]

[ooc: Kresnik and Kirika are driving through Lake Marcidus, although only for about 30 minutes or so. Basically, they're driving off from the coast of Discedo and returning back to the city. Kresnik won't be answering any comments until they get back to Discedo, but Kirika will answer with the communicator during the trip. Also, action is fine if you want to meet them afterward.]
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[Hello, Discedo! There is a blonde Champion on the feed, along with... a big pair of red eyes, blinking from underneath the shadows behind her. She doesn't seem to be aware of that, though, or at least she's not particularly concerned.]

I have been meaning to do this for a while now, but I see quite a few people here have been entrusted with Pokemon since we last went exploring the old factory. As I am currently the only one in Discedo who originally came from a world inhabited by Pokemon, I would be happy to offer any kind of assistance you might need with them!

[Meanwhile, the shadowy creature behind the trainer is still lurking closely, spreading out what look like wings of some sort - except wings don't normally have claws, do they?] They're not quite like regular animals, and I admit they can be a handful sometimes, but they definitely know how to compensate for every bit of effort you put into caring for them. I'm sure you'll have a great time tog--

[Cynthia never gets to finish her sentence as the shadowy thing sort of leaps forth and everything else is darkness. Oops?]


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