Mar. 28th, 2012

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[ Jack looks rather contemplative tonight. The camera shakes a bit as he positions the camera to his side, and he looks at it before suddenly picking up a party noisemaker out of nowhere and blowing into it- brrr. He laughs for a second, and with his head tilting down you can see he's also wearing a party hat. What has gotten into you young man ]

Haha, so, uh...I was looking over my old entries yesterday, you know, just thinking about stuff. And I realized that a year ago today, I first came here. Isn't that crazy? I mean, it feels like it's been way longer than a year! [ beat ] Well, it kinda is, since I was gone for awhile- but that was only for six months. And it feels longer than a year and a half, too. I guess when there's stuff not going on here, it goes by really slowly, huh.

It's weird, y'know? I don't even know if there's that many people who've been here for a year! Maybe...five of us? A lot of people got to leave already. [ for a second, he seems sort of sad ] I think Eridan's gone now. And I can't even count everybody else who left since I got here. [ Sollux, Sunako, Ange for awhile. ] So for all I know, they could take me out tonight, or I could be here forever!

...It's no use being sad about everything, though. I guess I can celebrate not going completely crazy here, right? Haha. [ he smirks, and pokes the top of the party hat. Where the heck did he get that thing? ]


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