Mar. 19th, 2012

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[Conan's voice is calm, but it is the kind calmness that could only be achieved by putting such a tight rein on your emotions that it was impossible to be anything BUT calm.  Even so, his voice with cracks with stress a few times.]

There is a new arrival.  He's from my world, but he is dangerous.  Do not mention me to him.  Preferably, stay as far away from him as you can get.
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Hey everyone, spring's coming up in this place, right? As much as it can anyway. But that's just the thing, we don't really have much for flowers or things in Discedo.

I know Japan's been pretty down lately, so I'd really like to do something to cheer him up and spruce up this place.

That said, I'd really like to put some spring murals inside the apartment buildings. I'll need anyone who can draw or paint, and we can add whatever else people think of as spring, or they just want to put in, but something that would be nice to see and come home to every day, eh?

What do you all say?
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[The message starts with a man's voice, calm and deep, making a small non-verbal sound in light amusement.]
I've got to hand it to you... there aren't many people who can get away with what you did. [He doesn't sound at all frightened about his current situation, although it might not really be the case. Regardless of whether he felt any fear or not, his voice betrayed no fear, conveying only confidence.] I congratulate you.


I hope you've had fun, because your little game ends here. [The voice suddenly turns very cold and harsh, still quiet, but gaining a dangerous edge.]

Where am I and what do you hope to accomplish by bringing me here. [It's phrased like a question, but sounds nothing like one. The answer is demanded, not asked for, and the words are delivered like an order.]


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