Mar. 12th, 2012

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[Audio is on and there is a moment of silence. The listener probably hears a faint sound of a breath. After about a minute, a voice finally merges; soft, gentle, and curious.]

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--CHOO! [After that sneeze, the sound of EVERYTHING falling over can be heard. And then groaning.]

Shit, I don't wanna pick it all up... [The shuffling of feet is heard (very lazy shuffling), and then a flop sound. And whining. After a few minutes of silence, a gag sound is heard.]

Aw, dammit! Ugh, this su-- [Thumping is heard, and then... well, throwing up. Luffy then continues to groan and whine more. He coughs a bit, and his voice gets closer and then a loud thud is heard and the comm switches to video. Luffy looks down at his arm, stretch all the way to floor, hitting the comm. He moans untl his arm snaps back into place.]

This is sooooo annoyiiiiiiing. I hate being sick.
[He grabs a blanket or two and just rolls up on the couch, comm in hand. He rests his chin on a pillow and looks to the camera, slightly feverish.]

Anyone know how to make meat soup? [P r i o r i t i e s. He doesn't have them.]

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[oh hi discedo enjoy a dazed and wet-looking guy staggering around the residential area

Did I say wet? I meant 'soaking'. As in 'ended up in the lake and had to swim out'. He also looks like he went three rounds against a mack truck and lost.

ALSO what a fantastic mask and suit he's wearing! Okay - ex-fantastic suit, somewhat beaten up and also wet. And the mask is... interesting. It's a pity he's too confused and slightly concussed to have remembered to take it off.]

... where...?

[And with that stunning display of mental acuity, he's supporting himself against a wall and trying to get his bearings. Not in Korea anymore, Toto!]
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