Mar. 11th, 2012

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It seems things are finally starting to warm up around here... I was never really fond of winter, really. As a child I loved it; I would play often in the snow, but some time in my teens it seemed.... much more dreary. Perhaps it was a chance in perspective? Everything is so dead in winter. Fall is bad too; watching the leaves fall and decay.

Spring. I like spring much better. Actually, it was in the spring I was told an absolutely delightful puzzle

PUZZLE 007: Springtime

"love, petunias, happiness, apples, budding, easter, tea, and ants"

I was told these were the necessary items to have a perfect spring right about when I was turning fourteen. After she told me that, she then asked me to solve this:

Change the position of just one of the words in the sequence mentioned before so that it is in an alphabetical sequence.

I think that's when I first took an interest in puzzles as well. Tell me, residents of Discedo, do you have a favourite season? Or least favourite; I know plenty of indifferent people who have plenty to dislike.


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