Mar. 9th, 2012

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 [Enjoying your sleep time Fortuna? Well, it's about to get interrupted within the next few seconds. How you may ask? the video feed and you'll see.

The only thing sticking out is that the camera is pointed at the doorway of one of the hospital rooms. Seems normal for 2am, right?

Count it in 3...2...1...]

Fucking, bloody, over-sized pigeon!

[Yes everyone, that would be Owen yelling at some poor defenseless animal that is running in the halls in the middle of the night. Actually, it's not defenseless but rather mean when it wants to be. Right now, its squawking can be heard for a minute as the person sleeping in the room finally wakes up.]

Mmm? What's going on?

[That would be Sora speaking as the animal bounded into her room: Klunk the chocobo. He kept making noise and waving his wings as much as he could in joy that his friend had woken up from her couple day long sleep.]

Klunk? What's wrong? What did you do to Harper-san?


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