Feb. 27th, 2012

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[As usual, Kresnik is staring at the video feed with the most serious expression. Although, you'll probably notice a couple of birds flying over to him and perching on his head. Despite this, the soldier remains serious as he speaks.]

The snow from last week's blizzard is starting to melt. Due to these conditions, remain cautious when stepping outside. [Kresnik turns the video to show the muddy ground in Dissimulo before focusing it on himself again. He tries to swat the birds away with his hand, but they instantly fly back, pecking him on the head for his action.]

...If anyone has obtained a new ability, inform me.

[65% lock to all Watch members]

All remaining Watch members, report in. A new individual has joined, Lieutenant Enil.

[Without another word, he moves to end the feed as a few more birds start flying onto his shoulders.]
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[ The most noticable thing about the video the moment it starts up is the continuous clattering sound in the background - like something made out of metal keeps bumping into something over and over again, or rather multiple metal things since it sounds almost like a metal garbage bin rolling down stairs. The sound is muted just slightly, maybe by a pillow or so, but it's still quite obviously there and pretty annoying. ]

I think it's for the best that no one visits me the upcoming days. Or until whatever is going on is over. That would be all.

... Although, if someone can tell me what exactly is going on other than us being screwed around with again, that would be appreciated too. [ the sound continues, almost more insistent as if it's demanding attention, and somewhere from a slight distance a cat screeches. Ange just groans in annoyance before clicking off the feed again. ]
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...Well, that was unexpected...

[Floating over the city happens to be  this spaceship. ]

Whatever is going on is also affecting pets with powers it would seem.


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