Feb. 26th, 2012

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Is anyone else experiencing strange occurrences? I woke up this morning and somehow gained the ability over night to shoot water from my hands and there was water all over my apartment.


[If anyone happens to be walking around the lake, they'll hear China's frantic tones as a medium-sized twister is raging across the lake's surface and it's raining in that particular area of Discedo while everywhere else is only cloudy. Every time China opens his hands, water comes from his palms, so he's keeping his hands in fists. He's sharing powers with his Milotic, who is busy trying to calm the twister at the moment.]
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[The video clicks on. Eric looks slightly disheveled. He looks around skittishly, and a small noise in the background, possibly just the house settling, makes him jump significantly.

A small, all-black cat wanders into the frame, purrs, and nudges Eric's elbow affectionately. It gazes up at him, love beaming in its bright yellow eyes. He blinks down on it, slightly bewildered.]

O-okay... uh... Something is going on here. This cat showed up a few days ago. I think it likes me. Does anyone own it? You can have it back if it's yours. [The cat continues to purr worshipfuly.]

And also... I keep... finding myself places. I think I'm put for now. But, I keep... moving.

Is anyone else having problems?
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I found Bread a better suitor because Jack doesn't deserve bread's affections. [For those who don't remember a certain post from the virus event, it is linked.]

It took a lot of hard searching and digging around since I'm sure he's very hard to replace. [Right. Okay then.]

But finally I have succeeded! [And Marco pulls back to reveal a loaf of bread and a stick of butter.] BEHOLD! A match made in heaven.

[So then using a butter knife he just puts butter all over that bread. Why not. And then he starts singing the wedding march. Afraid yet? You should be.]

Aren't they cute together?

[And then as he basks in the glow of a perfect romantic match; he opens his mouth up and eats them.] And now they'll be together forever.

[Once again... this little video brought to you because phoenix pirates get bored. Don't throw tomatoes though; he'd eat those too.]


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