Feb. 9th, 2012

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[ First there is a bang then there is a view. Yuki is sitting on the ground with her hands on her head and screaming. After a few moments she stops and holds herself gently. She sniffles for a bit then stops.

Yuki looks up and looks around slowly and carefully. She stares at the communicator then realizes it's on. She stands up, grabs a pink dress from her closet (some of you may have seen her wear it before) and throws it to the communicator. ]

Why would I dream of something like that? Why?

[ooc: Emotional Yuki is emotional. Her memory involved suicide. And the fact that she's been seeing blood a lot in her dreams doesn't help. ]
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[The feed turns on and what greets the network isn't Adam but the face of a horse-like creature, blinking at the screen. It nuzzles the communicator a couple of times before the ranger's voice can be heard.]

Hey, what are you doing over there, huh?

[The horse neighs slightly before it scoots away, showing the man come up to it, petting its head.]

No, you didn't do anything wrong. Still curious on how you turned the thing on.

[He picks up the communicator and focuses again on the horse creature.]

I'm trying to think of a name for this girl, anyone got any suggestions?

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Feb. 9th, 2012 10:24 pm
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blind dates anyone?
since valentines day is my second favourite holiday, i thought i might do this again

fill out the form and send it in. we'll meet like before. seven o'clock on the top of latimir. dress warm guys. i'll send out all your numbers when i get to it.

((OOC; SUDDEN? You bet! Characters can sign up until the moment the log goes up, so you have five days to plot and hook up! This is the FAQ. If there are problems, get me on AIM. If you need somebody to force sign up your character, Naruto ([personal profile] ramenkage) is prank signing up people, and greece isn't stopping them. Info to contact angie is on the FAQ

Oh right. just post your forms here; COMMENTS ARE SCREENED!!!! Anyone who doesn't post a form will get a response, but i won't respond to any comments with forms. The log will be thrown up on valentines \o/))


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