Feb. 1st, 2012

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[The feed turns on and Dean is being a ham it seems. He smiles into the camera which is held at an angle and shakes slightly as he walks. There's classic rock being played through the little speakers, which probably sounds a little funny to any of you, but he's getting good use out of his bran new music player program!

(Thanks Scientists and also Sam for showing him how to freaking work it. He's not keen on iPods and stuff but hey, beggars can't be choosers and he's got his music!)

So. First I gotto kick my furniture's ass, and now you're tossing Mummies at us? I mean, really?

What the hell.

[His eyes are forward, though he occasionally glances at the camera as he talks. He's outside in Discedo, breath whisping in the chill of the air. He's bundled well and armed, but you can't see that yet. He seems to spot something and smirks, addressing the viewers.]

Well, if it's entertainment you want then... enjoy the view.

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[A teenage boy comes on the screen, looking around at the dilapidated scenery of Discedo. He walked down a street or two, comm in his hand. After a few minutes, he looked down to the screen and grinned.] Oi! My meat stash better still be here! Same for the Hardy! If anyone touched either of 'em, unless your Marco or Japan or someone like that, then I'll kick your ass! [He leaned his head back and laugh through closed teeth, making a sort of hissing noise for his trademark laugh.]

Ah, damn, how long was I gone, anyway? It was probably only a day back home! Maybe less, I'm not sure. But damn, things were goin' great
! We were in an ocean of fire! [And he is going to laugh because something like that is CLEARLY FUNNY.] Shishishishi, I can't wait til we go back and see that dragon! That "Punk Hazard" place looked like a ton of fun, even if it was soooooo hot there!

Oi, who's still here, anyway?
[PRIORITIES. He totally has them.]


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