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Jan. 30th, 2012 11:54 am
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 [From the background  in the video, it seems that Conan is seated in a corner of a bench in the subway train.  He picks unhappily at the blankets wrapped around him, before looking over at the camera.]

What- [He stops and winces, before taking a more carefully shallow breath.]

What is going on right now?  Have all the bombs been taken care of?  What kind of bombs were they?

[He pauses and winces again.  Conan hated this.  He should have been up at the sites himself and checking over the bombs.  The wiring and circuitry used could contain important clues.  Instead he was trapped here in the subway.  Every attempt to investigate the situation for himself had been blocked by his own injuries and the intervention of nearby adults.]

What is the situation in Discedo and Dissimulo?


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