Jan. 28th, 2012

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Who broke it this time?

[SOMEONE IS DISPLEASED. Mostly that the couch tried to bite her face off and interrupted her nap. Very displeasing.]

What happened to the safehouse that used to be here? People could go there when their chip was gone so this kind of thing didn't happen!

[Yeah, Flandre thinks this is yet more chip-removal shenanigans. She does this wrong conclusion thing a lot. And she's in a doubly cranky mood because she missed not!dad's birthday. And this is not a civilized hour for a somewhat-nocturnal creature to be awake at besides.

And the post is audio-only today because she's hiding under a blanket from the sun, with the rabbits huddled in little furry lumps under her wings. Not the most dignified picture.


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