Jan. 26th, 2012

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 [The feed turns on to show a darkened room, the small light from the communicator showing that it was actually a bedroom, given the faint outline of a dresser and some books scattered on top of it. There was nothing unsettling about the scene but maybe someone's device had turned on by itself...otherwise someone would be greeting the network by now...

Well, there was a greeting alright: someone slightly moaning off to the side. A creaking noise followed by a body shifting followed and it didn't sound pleasant to say at least.

Quickened breathing...

More moans...

The sound of names passing through their lips.

Those who are close and who she considers her friends and family...you'll hear your name clearly as her tone turns to panic.]


Not me...don't want this...

Get away...hurting...so...no...stay...haaa...!!! 


[That last word is emphasized for a reason: she was having a terrible nightmare. Enough for the final thing the network hears is her screaming before it cuts out. Roommates...you might want to go check on her.]
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[The first sound that is heard is the all too familiar ZAP! along with a screech of surprise. And for roommates, Sai is now nursing a bleeding hand from the shock.]

That hurt way too much...

[A small giggle.]

How are the Lazy Fucks doing? [Oh so proud of herself for learning that word and nothing will change her mind on it! Nothing!]

Especially my two favorite Lazy Fucks?

Are there.... Any doctors out there that can remove chips? Anyone but the creepy pink-haired lady! .... I want my chip out.

[And more quiet now.].... Jackie, are you there?

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Jan. 26th, 2012 05:11 pm
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 Hey, so this is gonna sound weird but--does any one out there know about demons? Or how to uh...keep them from running around causing problems?

Just curious.

...Oh, right! I've been thinking and realized a lot of people probably aren't that great at fighting or defending themselves. So I was going to offer myself up as an escort! I can get people to and from places no problem, or bring them supplies and stuff. So if anyone ever needs help like that let me know.  

Also, I've got a lot of time on my hands, so I could try and teach some people basic defense and how to sneak around unnoticed, which will come in handy if you wanna avoid monsters. Any takers?


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