Jan. 22nd, 2012

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[Unlike new arrivals who shake or accidentally switch on the text function and perform a perfect rendition of a keysmash, the feed turns on to a blue haired woman dressed in a peculiar military uniform. She stares at the screen with a neutral expression, preferring to keep whoever has access to the machine she had found beside her guessing how she was truly feeling. When she speaks, there's an echo to it.]

I have found a note attached to this device telling me to ‘use this’ but did not see anyone within my vicinity. If anyone hears this message, please contact this frequency as soon as possible. I am in what looks like an underground tunnel but there are strange messages and-
[She just stares off to the side, not flinching at the sight of blood. She had seen plenty of it before back home. It was no different.] other signs of life.

[She doesn’t move for a couple seconds until she sighs. It would be pointless to ask for information when she would not give any herself. It was only fair after all…then again, what she is known for is not telling the truth and she didn’t know anyone in this place. There was no use in letting the thing record more.]

That is all.

[And she cuts it.]


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