Jan. 16th, 2012

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[There's a rather tell tale sound of an all too familiar ZAP connecting with something... metalic. Next follows the sounds of fingers tapping across a keyboard.]

...Nice try little device. Smarter toys than you have tried and failed~.




Jan. 16th, 2012 12:36 pm
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Does anyone know any interesting riddles?  Or where I could find some mysteries to read?  I'm bored.  And it's like Holmes said, right?  My mind rebels at stagnation.

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 I got a question for everyone:  Harper-san's birthday is a month away and I don't know what to do for it.

Does anyone have any suggestions other than drinking?

[Unknowing to her, the man she's talking about is listening in. Whoops!]
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Vincent...! Hey, Vincent! C'mon! Where the heck are you?!

[The feed would turn on to show a face...well, you couldn't really see their face at all since it was shrouded by their cowl with yellow button eyes. A pout formed on her lips in annoyance.]

Oh, sure I swoop in saving your life in the most awesome fashion and don't even get a thank you, kiss my ass or...'Yuffie you're the greatest ninja ever my darling, here let me give you my materia to show my eternal devotion' You jerk.

[Okay he wouldn't say it like that, but a thank you would be in order or something! With that big hole in his chest she was worried, but  it looked like it had already starting healing up pretty fast remarkably.

Then there was this thing she found on her. This wasn't her phone. It was  much different mayb ea little better, BUT dammit she didn't have her contacts on here and she couldn't get in touch with Reeve, Cid or anyone else!]

Ugh, this isn't even mine. If someone is playing a joke this isn't funny.

[She had been studying it and watching a few random posts pop up on the network. She was currently perching on a high lamp post observing the device.]

Anyone mind giving a girl a hand and telling me where I am?
Oh..!  And have you seen a really tall guy anywhere? Pretty pale, carries a gun, wears a lot of red and black, kinda looks like a vampire...not much fashion sense I know. Tell him he's gonna get it when I get my hands on him!
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[ As the feed turns on, there's a black paw waving across the screen, like some sort of animal was playing with the device. Once it moves away there's only an image of Ange's back and a bit of her side as she's sitting on her bed, bent over a notebook which is lying on said bed as she's mumbling to herself and writing. ]

The little girl cried when she lost her marbles in the desert. ... She searched.. the desert for one hundred years.

[ There's the scratching of a pen on paper as she mumbles too - she's just dictating to herself as she copies the text from some older-looking papers, one might notice that as long as they're paying enough attention. ]

The little girl cried when she.. [ scribble ] thought she might've lost them in the sea rather than the desert. She searched the depths of the sea for one hundred years.

[ By now the culprit of the video activation casually wanders onto the screen though, close to Ange - a black cat. ]

The little girl cried when she thought she might've lost them in the mountains.. than the sea. How long will it take until she begins to doubt whether or not she actually lost them to be-- Hey!

[ At that point the cat apparently found it appropriate to go and lie down on the notebook, completely blocking it. The girl's expression turns annoyed instantly as she speaks up in a deadpan tone at the cat. ]

... You're just doing this on purpose to annoy me, aren't you?
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[The feed begins with Homura absentmindedly looking at a ring on her left hand, turning it around a few times to reveal the gem on the other side.]

Is it a new year already...? I-I know I've only been here a few months, but I guess it's just a little weird. It's still March back home... [Repeating the same month over and over. but anyway, that's not what she wanted to talk about.]

U-Um, I was wondering... who knows how to remove chips? I'd like t-to get mine removed, if possible...
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--ammit all! [The comm lands to the ground with a soft thud as Luffy punches a wall repeatedly. He continues like this for a while, and soon enough, his hands start bleeding. But he doesn't care, and simply continues punching the wall.]

Why. The. Hell. Can't. I. Protect. ANYONE!!!!! [He punches the wall harder and harder between every word, his face growing angrier and angrier. Tears come streaming down his face, but it's hard to tell if it's from sadness or pain. With a final punch, the wall crumbles away into nothing and a large hole is in it's place. Luffy stares down at the ground, panting heavily with blood dripping from his hands. He throws his head to the sky, hands over his face, and screams.]


[A piece of rock falls from what's left of the wall, lands on the comm, and shuts it off.

[[OOC: This is a post to say that Sabo left!]]

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