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[Gellert has been scarce for a couple of months, since he'd gotten his chip out. The experience had drained him in a way he wasn't used to. Magic didn't work that way in his world. It didn't lessen as if on a counter, even though some spells could be exhausting to perform.]

[He appears now on the screen, looking more like his usual self again. Alert, his eyes bright with youthful enthusiasm. His tone is light, despite the threat in his words.]

I am myself once more. The villains of this place will not defeat me and I challenge them to face me now.

Surely you're not afraid of one wizard... But then, it would be wiser for you to be. Now that I am no longer subdued.
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If I should be afraid of ya, you should be afraid of me too.
You aren't the only one 'round here with magic, and that goes for the scientists as well.
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Not the same things as you, I know. There's all sorts of magic out there.
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Well I don't know about others, but I can tell ya about mine, since you're curious. {And yes, he's read Harry Potter. He's vaguely aware of who you are and what you do.}

Well- {Odin pops up on the screen, interupting. The troll grins at you.}
...Well there's Odin.
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{Shrug.} Whatever he wants.
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Of a sort. He floats, so why wouldn't he fly?
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Maybe. He tends to be a bit more physical, though. If I wanted to curse someone, I could do it myself.
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Dunno. I just do. Thought we had this conversation?
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Runnin' the kitchen. Got turned into a girl. The usual.
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{He smirks.} Wasn't that bad. Danmark was convinced I was a girl when I met him.
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{Shrug.} I s'pose. Doesn't really matter though, does it?
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{NodNod.} I'm usually left alone, though. People know their Nation.
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{Sigh. He hates having to describe Nations to people.}
I s'pose I'm the... personification of my country.
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Surely the Norway in your world is the same. Up north, bit cold, beautiful countryside.
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Ah. Not much to tell, I suppose. {He just doesn't want to explain everything.}
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Yea. 'S just home to me, though.
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Nn. Can't really... feel it here, though. Too far away, I s'pose.
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I guess. It's never really happened, before comin' here.
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...Mn. {Now you've gone and worried him.}
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I guess. {He shrugs, but you're right.}
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Glad to see you're back on your feet.
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I can imagine.

Though the next time you need your chip removed, I am not sending you home right away.
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Yes, it can. If you manage to die here.