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Video; Action to those in Discedo! Backdated to end of body swap event

[The feed starts off to show Leanne giggling and twirling about as she has once more, regained her own body. She goes to speak in Ancient Laguz, still giggling.]

My body! I have my body back! ILYANA! BROTHER! STEVE! MY BODY IS BACK! [SHE IS NO LONGER IN A MAN'S BODY! THAT FACT ALONE IS WELL WORTH CELEBRATION! She blushes a little from embarrassment but then soon a pure white light surrounds her and when the light ebbs away, there stands a human-sized pure white heron. The heron then moves towards the open window and leaps out before the communicator slowly shuts off. Yup! Someone is gonna be flying all over the city as Leanne misses her shifted form. So very very very much.]
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[Laughs and takes off flying, whistling in bird.]

I'll meet you out there, eh?
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[Cutest baby bird!sister he can't taaaake it.]

As you wish~

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[Video] lol best kind of rain

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[He's not hard to find, just sort of doing loops around the city to draw out any monsters or the flying fish which can attack now that she's got her chip out. Nobody's gonna fuck with his baby sister's flight through the city man >:|]
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[Ilyana can't help but grin at Leanne's antics, also feeling similarly excited about no being in that big old Marine's body anymore. That and that he's no longer running around topless in hers.]

Hehe! Congratulations Leanne! It must be nice to be able to shift again too.

[As Ilyana recalled, she didn't exactly get much time to enjoy having her chip out before her body got swapped, with the whole turning into a child thing.]

Where are you flying off to now?
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Hmm... I would think that being able to fly on your own wings would be quite a bit more fun than flying through some other method.

[Like rocketing around on Marisa's Broomstick.]

Heh, I wish I could go with you... but I don't want to weigh you down.
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Well if for instance Tibarn or someone was carrying me, that would be flying through another method right?

[Don't feel bad Leanne, you weren't exactly alive conscious for it.]

Hmm... I suppose I could. But I always feel a little... nervous around him.
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Tibarn... he's really pretty big, even by hawk Laguz standards. How big was he the last time you saw him?

[I mean seriously, with his savior skill, he isn't even slowed down by carrying someone as big as the Black Knight.]

Well no... [She'd actually sort of forgiven and forgotten about that news article.] It's just that... [What was the reason? Of course, upon realizing the reason, she felt rather embarrassed and ashamed of herself, so quickly tried to wave it off, hoping that Leanne's keen heron senses couldn't pick up her emotions through the device.] It's nothing really. I just feel a little uncomfortable around him, that's all.
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Hmm... I think his wingspan is roughly twice as long as I am tall... maybe a bit smaller or larger, but that sounds about right.

[Ilyana waves her hand in slight embarrassment.] Heh, no, no, it's nothing like that. It's has more to do with me... to be completely honest, the truth is that... I feel a little inadequate around him.


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[Normally, Steve doesn't like to use text, but it's the only way to understand her.]

Glad to see you're doing well, Miss Leanne.
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[Text] -> [Video]

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Yes! Just 'fraid that I can't understand you.

[Steve blinks at the communicator, taking a moment to realize that she's referring to him.] Oh, me? Just Steve is fine, 'm not a lord.

But I'm in Discedo. [Names whatever street he is on.]
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Can try learning your language too. [Steve definitely isn't against learning new things like that.]

Yeah. [Small smile.] I'm just a kid from Brooklyn.

[He nods and waits where he's at.]
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Don't see why not, probably be handy in the future.

It's part of New York in America. Has its rough spots, but it's still home.

[He watches her, a little amazed at her form.] This your true form?
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Ilyana? She a close friend of yours?

[Oh chip removal, explains why she suddenly became a child.] You remember what happened during that time?


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[Action] 1/2

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