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[ Hello, residents of Fortuna. This feed has turned on in what seems to be the middle of a conversation. Its participants seem to be discussing something Quite Serious, if their tone is to be believed. Let's listen in, shall we? ]

If you thought you were safe, you thought wrong. )

Hundre— Ah… is your comm on? Oi oi they're gonna see what we did to the ceiling!

That's cool, they're bound to find out eventually. Hey, Marco, d'you think people ship us too?

Oh, if they do, we should give them a show, eh? [ Pirate leer and leans in suggestively as he turns it off. ]

[Video] - I

Jun. 4th, 2012 11:39 pm
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[There's an eye pressed up close to the screen... or as close as it can get, behind the wall of the glasses that James Potter is always wearing.]

...Bloody Muggle... whatsit...

[Comes the grumbling tone, under his breath. He's clearly not aware that the 'whatsit' is on as he pulls back to fidget with it, giving a last, valiant effort to make sense of it before giving up and tossing it to the ground.

The view now just shows half his head, far above and mostly sky.

He's failed (for the moment) at dealing with strange thing number two: so he'll go back to dealing with strange thing number one!

Which was--...where on earth was he?]

Portkey, maybe? Droll of them. Middle of nowhere, to boot... could at least have the decency to transport me some place pretty if they wanted to have an unfair duel.

[Though, even as he attributes the sudden move to the Death Eaters, he does find it odd that... none are about.

No one is attacking him, really.

'No one attacking' doesn't happen much, mid-war, behind enemy lines.

So if he's not behind enemy lines...]

Merlin... not going to figure it out just standing around here, James. May as well get a move on.

And stop talking to yourself. It's not an attractive quality...

[Really. The invisible people here in he-didn't-know-where might get the impression he was barking mad, if he didn't stop monologuing soon.]


Jun. 3rd, 2012 11:10 pm
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If someone wants a girl to 'Use this', they may want to include a users manual. For all anyone knows this could be one hell of a kinky bedroom toy.

[River quickly flicks on the video option and smiles into the screen. Don't mind the background of dark smoke. It's only a blown up turret or two. ]

Now, will someone be a dear and tell me where and when exactly I am? And perhaps where to find a hot meal and some decent clothes would be nice as well. I'm afraid I was in the middle of traveling when I ended up here and my luggage is no where to be found.

And Doctor? If you're out there, you could have just called Sweetie. You know I am always willing to play with you.
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{Well, well, well, look who's back. You'll see the view behind the Doctor's head consists of a view of Spero from the top of the University. And then the communicator buzzes and is prompty dropped with an 'ow', reverting the view to concrete and the Doctor's boots.

The man picks up the bloody thing again, but he doesn't seem to worry about it.

Hello, everyone! Sorry about that, I think my communicator shorted out or something... Should probably fix that... Can I fix that? {He trails off for a moment before remembering what he was meant to be doing.}

Anyway, sorry, again, about not being in touch, but I've been exploring this city! Spero, was it? There's loads of stuff here, I've learned a lot! Like orcas! Did you know there used to be orcas in the lake? Although, I havn't found out what happened to them all yet, but I suppose it might be the nuclear fallout, it does that sometimes, you know...

I'm coming back now, though, I've rather missed sleeping in a proper bed. And tea, I'd quite like a cup of tea.

[He'll be answering until he get's back to Discedo, and then you can come find him in person if you so desire. He might be a bit tired by that point though.]
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[Well, hello there, visitors! Are you tired of all the incessant Q&A and the seemingly neverending track of not-quite-friendly monsters on your tail? Well, complain no more! This time, you'll be treated to a vision of a witch lazily sitting on her couch, dressed in what can only be described as a very skimpy kimono.

Fortunately for you, at least she won't be charging for that.]

This has got to be the worst party ever-- lots of guests and no proper feast or booze within sight? [Pause as she takes a sip from her own drink, and that would almost clash with what she just said, if not for the next added bit:] I'm not sharing any of mine, by the way.

[Unless you're very, very special. But good luck trying to meet her standards.]

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[ Hello, Discedians. It's been far too long since we had Drawing Adventures with Hong Kong, hasn't it? Since we're overdue for more, here we go. This time, it's a special occasion!

Okay, it's a little past due, but Hong Kong had a few other things on his mind when this was relevant. So now you get to go on a lovely adventure with him.

And… if you're a young'n, you might want to look away. Pretend this is a picture of bunnies and butterflies frolicking through a field of pretty flowers!

And not what it actually is. )

happy birthday. any other requests?

[ Isn't he just. So beautifully cryptic. ]
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[ the feed is greeted with the amiable smile of girl with bright pink hair— and an even brighter spark in her eyes should one take notice. she seems to be outside given by the lighting. although it isn't visible in the feed, she's currently in the process of hauling a lot of wood; however, both the sweat and the odd movement from her exertion is plainly visible. when she speaks, it's in a polite yet excited manner. ]

Good day. If anyone can tell me the quickest way to acquire a hammer and nails in the Discedo area I would be very grateful. I'm a little busy so I don't really have time to play a guessing game with all the buildings in the area. If someone would spare me the tools his or herself that would be even better. Thank you.
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So... I'm supposed to use this to communicate? Turning it on was easy enough. Lesse here...

Hello? Is anyone out there?

Maybe I'm dreaming... [Selphie pauses to pinch herself.] OUCH! Hm... So I'm not dreaming then.

Where am I anyway? I've been lost before but never just dumped somewhere. This better not be a prank or somebody's gonna get it!

Squall? Irvy? Rinoa? Quisty? Zell? Sis?

[The sounds of Selphie's bootsteps are heard as she starts to get her bearings.] Huh... my Nunchaku's nowhere to be seen. Looks like I'll just have to improvise! I just need to find shelter or find supplies to make shelter.

Better get going then. A compass would be great right about now...
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i need some really big nails, any color paint that's gonna show up well on a dark background, and a tin of sardines.

make that two tins of sardines.

okay, one tin, if it's one of those big ones.

i'll trade you part of my ceiling.
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[Greetings, Discedo! How are you today? Hopefully you're doing better than Watanuki!

When the feed starts, it's obvious it's purely accidental. Watanuki holds the communicator in his hand as he walks randomly in one direction. He hadn't recognized where he was when he woke up, and sitting had proven to get him no where. So he had picked one direction and started walking.

--can't believe this!

[He's not even bothering to keep his voice down.]

I wake up in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a phone! There's no way I'm going to make it to school on time now!

[He makes an aggravated noise in the back of his throat.]

If that woman wanted me to do something for her, she could have just asked! She didn't need to just drop me here with no warning! Of all the inconsiderate...!

[Aaaand, just like that, the feed turns off again, just as accidentally as it started.]
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{Hellooooooo, Fortuna! There is now a face on your screen! Maybe he's familiar to some of you, or maybe he's a complete stranger, but either way he'll be quite pleased to see anyone friendly.}

Hello, I've been told to use this! I'm fairly certain it's some sort of communication device, although you can never be sure with alien tech, can you? I'm hoping I'm right, because otherwise I'd be talking to myself. Again. {He looks slightly sheepish about the last bit.}

Anyway, I'm looking for my friends, and I'd be really grateful if someone could tell me where they are! I mean, I'm sure they can take care of themselves, but I'd really rather know where they've got to. One has red hair and a temper to match and the other is probably following her like a puppy.

I'm the Doctor, by the way! That's what people call me, anyway. Not really sure why. I call me that too. Still not sure why.

Thanks, all!

{He goes to turn off the camera, but fumbles it a bit before managing.}
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To share one's memories is to willingly offer a valuable piece of their lives; to take one's memories is to claim a part of their soul. Such a tenuous line should not be crossed, lest you are prepared to pay the price.

After all... not even this mockery of a world is immune to the laws of balance. |

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Oi everyone. Tomorrow, the 11th is Japan's birthday. So do whatever it is you do to celebrate.

On another note, I'l going to try to keep the Northern Lights operational and hope Shinjiro comes back. If anyone has drinks they want, I'll create lists of what to keep an eye out for, try to bring things someone else might like in order to make trades. And if anyone wants to work there, let me know too.


[That would be the end of the transmission, but Marco accidentally attached something when he tried to send it to Japan. Do you dare read it?]

Happy Birthday Bushido. It's not much, but hopefully it'll make you laugh, eh? Hong Kong helped out a ton too.

OOC: Cut for craaaaack. Links contain bad drawings, you are warned. Any resemblance to people in Discedo is purely the fault of Marco. )
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[China's sitting comfortably near his low table with a puzzled look on his face.]

Last night I had a very strange dream. I was dressed in a female Beijing Opera costume and I was singing and dancing. Maybe I drank too much at the Lantern Festival, or something, aru.

[He pauses to drink some of his green tea, which was sitting in a teacup on the low table.]

By the way, what's this I keep hearing about memories? Are you saying the dream I had was actually a memory? [Guess who hasn't had any experiences yet.]

[OOC: Hey man, this is China. Anyone is free to view memories ranging from his (lonely) childhood, to his dynasties, the wars, present day, and the Christmas he spent with Stocking here in Discedo (since that's the first and only real memory he's recalled of Discedo so far).]


Feb. 6th, 2012 08:10 pm
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Never let me have alcohol again.

(Open for sharing memories :3 and as always action spam for David :D)
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[There is a witch sprawled out on her couch, wearing what appears to be a dragon-themed outfit of some sort and looking more than a little depressed.]

What kind of New Year is this? No firecrackers, not a single red scroll and absolutely no feast at all. And you didn't even bother to clean the house, either! Have you not learned anything?

[Here, have a very dramatic sigh.]
Bad children. Very bad children. Don't come crying to me if the Nian tries to gobble you up whole!
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[The feed begins with Homura absentmindedly looking at a ring on her left hand, turning it around a few times to reveal the gem on the other side.]

Is it a new year already...? I-I know I've only been here a few months, but I guess it's just a little weird. It's still March back home... [Repeating the same month over and over. but anyway, that's not what she wanted to talk about.]

U-Um, I was wondering... who knows how to remove chips? I'd like t-to get mine removed, if possible...
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[The feed turns on with a shock - indicating that the communicator has felt a little neglected lately - but there's no cry of annoyance or pain. Meryl pulls back so you can see why: rubber gloves.]

I know your tricks, you crafty little thing. It's good to see at least one thing that hasn't changed about this place.

Today is my birthday. I would be very thankful if one of the doctors could remove my chip as a present. I'm much more useful with powers than without. Once I am back at full-force, I can restart the Soup Kitchen in Discedo. My apologies for taking so long on it; I've been preoccupied as of late.

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