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[Hey Discedo.

Watanuki hopes you all have been wonderful lately, because he certainly has not. In fact, at this moment, Watanuki is dragging himself out of a ditch. He's not sure he remembers how he got here, but he's here now and he wants the whole world to know exactly how unpleased he is with his situation.

How is this even possible?!

[He grumbles under his breath, crawling the last bit out.]

How can you fall into a ditch and then come out a month later?!

[He rolls over onto his back, staring up at the sky. The phone falls to his side and only Watanuki's voice is heard before it ends.]

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[It almost feels like home, with the humidity and the rain today, but this place is too... concrete to be anything close to home. Is it strange to be homesick? After spending years just wanting to get away from the wars and get some peace and quiet, Vietnam has finally gotten it but this... is not the right kind of peace and quiet. It's eerie.]

[Two days after arriving, she realized that this pretty plastic-glass thing is actually a telephone that sometimes does video. A lot of deliberation went into this because if the people here are dangerous, then Vietnam may have just given away her location and signed herself to the slaughter. Audio was safest. Her curiousity wins this time, though.]

Allo! [Oh god, that sounded too perky and too French. Let's try that again in English. Vietnam can do this.] Hello. [That sounded like the right intonation, but a little too solemn, maybe try that--no, no Vietnam. Leave it be.] I am--[pauses, should she really say?]... someone, it does not really matter. [awkward laugh.] Can anyone say what this place is? Maybe a date too. This is... really not 220 BCE, is it?

[A long pause.] Thank-you.
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[Greetings, Discedo! How are you today? Hopefully you're doing better than Watanuki!

When the feed starts, it's obvious it's purely accidental. Watanuki holds the communicator in his hand as he walks randomly in one direction. He hadn't recognized where he was when he woke up, and sitting had proven to get him no where. So he had picked one direction and started walking.

--can't believe this!

[He's not even bothering to keep his voice down.]

I wake up in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a phone! There's no way I'm going to make it to school on time now!

[He makes an aggravated noise in the back of his throat.]

If that woman wanted me to do something for her, she could have just asked! She didn't need to just drop me here with no warning! Of all the inconsiderate...!

[Aaaand, just like that, the feed turns off again, just as accidentally as it started.]

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