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[The gear turns on and shows the forest area of Discedo. There's a woman of great beauty walking around. The comm catches her whole form, which could only mean the comm was perched in the knothole of a tree. She has long white hair, golden eyes, and red markings (which might seem familiar to some). She's dressed in a white kimono with the rising sun and its rays on it. She's just enjoying a stroll, but notice how flowers suddenly grow wherever she steps and then disappear when she lifts any of her two feet off the ground.

Without saying anything to the comm, she begins to sing. It's obvious she doesn't know that the comm's on. When she's finished, she takes a seat on one of the stumps and stares up at the sky with curious eyes.
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[ The most noticable thing about the video the moment it starts up is the continuous clattering sound in the background - like something made out of metal keeps bumping into something over and over again, or rather multiple metal things since it sounds almost like a metal garbage bin rolling down stairs. The sound is muted just slightly, maybe by a pillow or so, but it's still quite obviously there and pretty annoying. ]

I think it's for the best that no one visits me the upcoming days. Or until whatever is going on is over. That would be all.

... Although, if someone can tell me what exactly is going on other than us being screwed around with again, that would be appreciated too. [ the sound continues, almost more insistent as if it's demanding attention, and somewhere from a slight distance a cat screeches. Ange just groans in annoyance before clicking off the feed again. ]
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To share one's memories is to willingly offer a valuable piece of their lives; to take one's memories is to claim a part of their soul. Such a tenuous line should not be crossed, lest you are prepared to pay the price.

After all... not even this mockery of a world is immune to the laws of balance. |

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Oi everyone. Tomorrow, the 11th is Japan's birthday. So do whatever it is you do to celebrate.

On another note, I'l going to try to keep the Northern Lights operational and hope Shinjiro comes back. If anyone has drinks they want, I'll create lists of what to keep an eye out for, try to bring things someone else might like in order to make trades. And if anyone wants to work there, let me know too.


[That would be the end of the transmission, but Marco accidentally attached something when he tried to send it to Japan. Do you dare read it?]

Happy Birthday Bushido. It's not much, but hopefully it'll make you laugh, eh? Hong Kong helped out a ton too.

OOC: Cut for craaaaack. Links contain bad drawings, you are warned. Any resemblance to people in Discedo is purely the fault of Marco. )

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 Hey, so this is gonna sound weird but--does any one out there know about demons? Or how to uh...keep them from running around causing problems?

Just curious.

...Oh, right! I've been thinking and realized a lot of people probably aren't that great at fighting or defending themselves. So I was going to offer myself up as an escort! I can get people to and from places no problem, or bring them supplies and stuff. So if anyone ever needs help like that let me know.  

Also, I've got a lot of time on my hands, so I could try and teach some people basic defense and how to sneak around unnoticed, which will come in handy if you wanna avoid monsters. Any takers?
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[Little ol' Cube is back, and is broadcasting from a desk in St. Andrew's hospital. Noting much to see but a lot of papers, a bamboo plant, and perhaps a white rabbit poking it's head up from where they're sitting.]

It's been quite a winter, hasn't it? To start the new year, I thought it might benefit all the medical personnel, hospital staff, and healers to gather for a meeting. It'd be nice to trade information, share strengths, and simply know who is who and where they're stationed.

I'm not sure what day of the week we can schedule this for, but please contact me if you're interested in such a meeting and we may work from there.

As for everyone else. It's been quite some time since I posted the Medical form. When you have a chance, please fill it out or update it accordingly.

Thank you for your time,

Medical Forms Information (NOT IC CUT) )

((OOC: This post is also typed out in text for those who don't speak English.))
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[ As the feed turns on, there's a black paw waving across the screen, like some sort of animal was playing with the device. Once it moves away there's only an image of Ange's back and a bit of her side as she's sitting on her bed, bent over a notebook which is lying on said bed as she's mumbling to herself and writing. ]

The little girl cried when she lost her marbles in the desert. ... She searched.. the desert for one hundred years.

[ There's the scratching of a pen on paper as she mumbles too - she's just dictating to herself as she copies the text from some older-looking papers, one might notice that as long as they're paying enough attention. ]

The little girl cried when she.. [ scribble ] thought she might've lost them in the sea rather than the desert. She searched the depths of the sea for one hundred years.

[ By now the culprit of the video activation casually wanders onto the screen though, close to Ange - a black cat. ]

The little girl cried when she thought she might've lost them in the mountains.. than the sea. How long will it take until she begins to doubt whether or not she actually lost them to be-- Hey!

[ At that point the cat apparently found it appropriate to go and lie down on the notebook, completely blocking it. The girl's expression turns annoyed instantly as she speaks up in a deadpan tone at the cat. ]

... You're just doing this on purpose to annoy me, aren't you?

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