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So... I'm supposed to use this to communicate? Turning it on was easy enough. Lesse here...

Hello? Is anyone out there?

Maybe I'm dreaming... [Selphie pauses to pinch herself.] OUCH! Hm... So I'm not dreaming then.

Where am I anyway? I've been lost before but never just dumped somewhere. This better not be a prank or somebody's gonna get it!

Squall? Irvy? Rinoa? Quisty? Zell? Sis?

[The sounds of Selphie's bootsteps are heard as she starts to get her bearings.] Huh... my Nunchaku's nowhere to be seen. Looks like I'll just have to improvise! I just need to find shelter or find supplies to make shelter.

Better get going then. A compass would be great right about now...
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[When the video feed switches on there is a faint, spider's web line across the center of the image, as if the lens of the camera itself is cracked.]

[Hakuba is looking slightly less put together than is his norm, hair askew and coat jacket bundled tightly around one of his hands, obscuring it completely from view. His shirt sleeves are rolled up to his elbows and the look he's giving the device could almost be considered bemused, under the circumstances, even if he does look a bit strained.]

Somehow when the note said "use this", I don't imagine it meant as a blunt weapon.

While I'm certain it's far too much to ask for the proper authorities to be called in this situation as that would rather contradict my being here in the first place, I don't suppose it could be too outrageous to request some sort of bandages or antiseptic, could it?

[He frowns slightly as a thought occurs to him and tightens the jacket around his hand a little bit more.] I'm not going to need some form of tetanus or rabies shot after being bitten by one of these... creatures, will I?

((OOC: Hakuba has landed in DISCEDO... and been promptly attacked by a monster D:))


Mar. 15th, 2012 04:24 pm
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[Locked to Ran 70%]

I'm sorry, Ran.  Can we talk?  There are a lot of things I need to say to you.


Has anyone seen Heiji-niichan recently?

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--CHOO! [After that sneeze, the sound of EVERYTHING falling over can be heard. And then groaning.]

Shit, I don't wanna pick it all up... [The shuffling of feet is heard (very lazy shuffling), and then a flop sound. And whining. After a few minutes of silence, a gag sound is heard.]

Aw, dammit! Ugh, this su-- [Thumping is heard, and then... well, throwing up. Luffy then continues to groan and whine more. He coughs a bit, and his voice gets closer and then a loud thud is heard and the comm switches to video. Luffy looks down at his arm, stretch all the way to floor, hitting the comm. He moans untl his arm snaps back into place.]

This is sooooo annoyiiiiiiing. I hate being sick.
[He grabs a blanket or two and just rolls up on the couch, comm in hand. He rests his chin on a pillow and looks to the camera, slightly feverish.]

Anyone know how to make meat soup? [P r i o r i t i e s. He doesn't have them.]

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It seems things are finally starting to warm up around here... I was never really fond of winter, really. As a child I loved it; I would play often in the snow, but some time in my teens it seemed.... much more dreary. Perhaps it was a chance in perspective? Everything is so dead in winter. Fall is bad too; watching the leaves fall and decay.

Spring. I like spring much better. Actually, it was in the spring I was told an absolutely delightful puzzle

PUZZLE 007: Springtime

"love, petunias, happiness, apples, budding, easter, tea, and ants"

I was told these were the necessary items to have a perfect spring right about when I was turning fourteen. After she told me that, she then asked me to solve this:

Change the position of just one of the words in the sequence mentioned before so that it is in an alphabetical sequence.

I think that's when I first took an interest in puzzles as well. Tell me, residents of Discedo, do you have a favourite season? Or least favourite; I know plenty of indifferent people who have plenty to dislike.


Mar. 8th, 2012 10:12 pm
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On a matter of vengeance...

[He hesitates, what are the right words to ask this with? Are there really right words?]

Do you think a reputation for strength or power deters enemies or just attracts them? If you have an extremely powerful weapon, for instance, then wouldn't that make someone else want it more? Or if you're really famous for being the strongest, does that just make someone else want to take you down?

Thanks in advance to anyone answering.
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a familiar scene )

[It's the middle of the night, and Ran hasn't slept very well after that. In fact, it...doesn't feel like she's slept at all, and she can only replay the memories in her mind, like a broken record; wondering what it all means, and what brought this on.

It has something to do with Shinichi, that much is obvious.

It has something to do with Conan. And though she doesn't know a hundred percent whether these memories are his, she knows they only appeared after she spoke with him this evening. She hadn't spoken to anyone else the entire day, after all. Not even over the communicators. Not even while she was on patrol, although once the sun rises, she sits up in her bed and reaches over for her communicator to change that.

She clicks it on voice, not wanting anyone to see how awful she looks, and decides to phrase the question in such a way as to not alarm anyone.

...S-So! Um, did anyone else have a really strange dream last night?

[Laughing a little to make light of it. It's too real to be a dream, though. She knows, not to mention she hadn't really slept, so it could not have been one. But there'll probably more chance for a response if she words it like this, maybe. Hopefully. Experiencing someone else's memory just too weird. Even for here.

Isn't it...?

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[A teenage boy comes on the screen, looking around at the dilapidated scenery of Discedo. He walked down a street or two, comm in his hand. After a few minutes, he looked down to the screen and grinned.] Oi! My meat stash better still be here! Same for the Hardy! If anyone touched either of 'em, unless your Marco or Japan or someone like that, then I'll kick your ass! [He leaned his head back and laugh through closed teeth, making a sort of hissing noise for his trademark laugh.]

Ah, damn, how long was I gone, anyway? It was probably only a day back home! Maybe less, I'm not sure. But damn, things were goin' great
! We were in an ocean of fire! [And he is going to laugh because something like that is CLEARLY FUNNY.] Shishishishi, I can't wait til we go back and see that dragon! That "Punk Hazard" place looked like a ton of fun, even if it was soooooo hot there!

Oi, who's still here, anyway?
[PRIORITIES. He totally has them.]


Jan. 25th, 2012 10:14 am
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[Conan struggles to open his eyes.  It was cold.  So very cold.  He couldn't move.  Could barely find the strength to stay conscious  What happened?

And then he remembered.

...The dam.  The bombs.  Starting an avalanche to stop the flood.  Ran's scream in the car far below as the avalanche had swallowed him up.

The weight of the snow pressing down on him.  The silence.

And then... Ran had called his name.  Called for Shinichi.

At the memory he forces his eyes to slit open.  This...  This was Dissimulo?  That was his communicator lying by his hand?

Conan didn't have the energy to move or call out.  But maybe he could reach this.  Painstakingly slowly he forces his hand to move and presses the video button.]

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Less and less I like that Spetavi bit. It has quite the, how should I say, manipulated point of view. Half of what our Ms. Molly says is tainted by media bias, and let's be real! Nobody wants to watch that broadcast; we're forced into it. Moreover, it's quite dull.

((the video clicks on, and live is sitting in the Mariner Highschool. It seems he's found a very offical looking classroom to claim as his own. He sits on the desk, smiling at the screen.))

So what if we, for once, took things into our own hands. Give the people the news they need and want. I'm more of a newspaper journalist myself, but if a project like this can while away the hours, how could I deny the public of its right?

I've put sign up slips outside the principles office, since it's closer to the front, but I believe.... we could arrange a meeting for all of us? I'll contact everyone myself, so long as they leave a name and frequency.

Consider this my first official broadcast! And hopefully not my last.

((ooc; IC broadcasting proposal. Responding isn't really required, and I won't be putting up any sort of a log for their meeting. All that mess has been taken care of. ALSO, I should be PM'ng folks later today with segments and a few contact questions. Thank you~))

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