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[He wakes up with a gasp like he'd been drowning, eyes darting about in a panic. What had happened? Why was he in the middle of the street?

...and was it raining on him? Really!?

With a groan he got to his feet and fished around for the network device. Time to check the damage.]

Right so...that was fun. A completely pointless trip nowhere, thanks 'Powers that be' I admire your logic.

[There's a huff and he wipes the rain water off his face in annoyance.]

I don't particularly like being fucked with so, next time you want to send me 'home,' a little warning would be nice.

Oh, and let me guess: I've been re-chipped, haven't I? You all certainly know how to make a bloke feel welcome.

[All right, that's enough bitching.]

Oi, no one's blown up my hospital, have they?
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 [Enjoying your sleep time Fortuna? Well, it's about to get interrupted within the next few seconds. How you may ask? Well...watch the video feed and you'll see.

The only thing sticking out is that the camera is pointed at the doorway of one of the hospital rooms. Seems normal for 2am, right?

Count it in 3...2...1...]

Fucking, bloody, over-sized pigeon!

[Yes everyone, that would be Owen yelling at some poor defenseless animal that is running in the halls in the middle of the night. Actually, it's not defenseless but rather mean when it wants to be. Right now, its squawking can be heard for a minute as the person sleeping in the room finally wakes up.]

Mmm? What's going on?

[That would be Sora speaking as the animal bounded into her room: Klunk the chocobo. He kept making noise and waving his wings as much as he could in joy that his friend had woken up from her couple day long sleep.]

Klunk? What's wrong? What did you do to Harper-san?

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It's strange how to react to these type of feelings let alone try and convey them so you don't sound odd. But I've had this locked inside of me for a long time and I need to say it before I loose the chance:

It's not just a crush or something that will pass away after a certain amount of time, it's how I really feel.

You're so kind to me even when I do something wrong or try to do something right and end up messing up. You've been there when I was scared despite me telling you to not come. Then again, I do the same thing, don't I? You're warm even if others don't see it. You have a good heart and I want to see you smile more. Even you deserve that for yourself.

I want to be there for you no matter what even if it means that we are friends. I won't go anywhere even if I'm sent home. I'll find my way back.

I guess what I'm trying to say is...

I love you.

(OOC: Unknown public text made by Sora. If action, she's in Dissimulo at this time.)
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[The feed turns on and what greets the network isn't Adam but the face of a horse-like creature, blinking at the screen. It nuzzles the communicator a couple of times before the ranger's voice can be heard.]

Hey, what are you doing over there, huh?

[The horse neighs slightly before it scoots away, showing the man come up to it, petting its head.]

No, you didn't do anything wrong. Still curious on how you turned the thing on.

[He picks up the communicator and focuses again on the horse creature.]

I'm trying to think of a name for this girl, anyone got any suggestions?

Locked to Watch Members: 60% )

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 [The feed turns on to show a darkened room, the small light from the communicator showing that it was actually a bedroom, given the faint outline of a dresser and some books scattered on top of it. There was nothing unsettling about the scene but maybe someone's device had turned on by itself...otherwise someone would be greeting the network by now...

Well, there was a greeting alright: someone slightly moaning off to the side. A creaking noise followed by a body shifting followed and it didn't sound pleasant to say at least.

Quickened breathing...

More moans...

The sound of names passing through their lips.

Those who are close and who she considers her friends and family...you'll hear your name clearly as her tone turns to panic.]


Not me...don't want this...

Get away...hurting...so...no...stay...haaa...!!! 


[That last word is emphasized for a reason: she was having a terrible nightmare. Enough for the final thing the network hears is her screaming before it cuts out. Roommates...you might want to go check on her.]


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[Gellert appears on the screen, looking more subdued than he was last year. He's youthful again but the dementors took some toll - he looks tired but he'll soon recover.]

That was quite the experience... How do you people cope without magic?
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 I got a question for everyone:  Harper-san's birthday is a month away and I don't know what to do for it.

Does anyone have any suggestions other than drinking?

[Unknowing to her, the man she's talking about is listening in. Whoops!]

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