Mar. 8th, 2012 10:12 pm
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On a matter of vengeance...

[He hesitates, what are the right words to ask this with? Are there really right words?]

Do you think a reputation for strength or power deters enemies or just attracts them? If you have an extremely powerful weapon, for instance, then wouldn't that make someone else want it more? Or if you're really famous for being the strongest, does that just make someone else want to take you down?

Thanks in advance to anyone answering.
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... Okay, fuck that. Seriously?! That is the last goddamn damn thing I need right now. Have I mentioned how much I hate the cold!! Snow is the worst shit on the planet, no exceptions!! All right, maybe there are some exceptions, but not many!

Anyway, know I've been kinda sparse... I guess if there's anythin' someone needs help on, lemme know! Might as well make good use 'a my time stuck in here, heheheh. When the snow melts, that i--

[--then the (allegedly broken) stove behind him. bursts into flames. nbd.]


[leaping up from where he'd been broadcasting, tearing his coat right off, and attempting to suffocate that flame good. with... varying results. anyway, there's a few more minutes of cursing and him beating the fire with it, before the feed times out.]


locked to marceline, sasuke )
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[The video shakes, but nothing can be seen until Tatsumi steps back from the comm. He is grinning wildly and seems very excited.]

Check this out! My back-scratcher changed color [He holds up a simple looking backscratcher, except it is blue and has a leopard print design?] and as weird as it sounds, it lets me change my clothes and stuff!

Just watch! It's really cool!

[Right now you are witnessing a magical girl transformation with sparkles and glowy ribbons and everything... except it's happening to Tatsumi. Yes. He just pretty much flashed everyone ever. Enjoy the freak show.

When the werepire's transformation finishes, you'll notice his outfit:
Not IC Cut - CUT FOR LEOPARd PRINT AND SPAREKLES )After grinning and giving a salute in his new frilly leopard print outfit, he runs back over to the comm and picks it up in some weird sort of excitement.]

See? Wasn't that amazing?!

I haven't really figured out how to make pants yet, but maybe if I keep using it I'll eventually get something better.

[He then points the back-scratcher at the com to say something more but some kind of light shoots out of it towards the screen. Everything goes blue and then the feed cuts.]
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[The gear turns on and shows the forest area of Discedo. There's a woman of great beauty walking around. The comm catches her whole form, which could only mean the comm was perched in the knothole of a tree. She has long white hair, golden eyes, and red markings (which might seem familiar to some). She's dressed in a white kimono with the rising sun and its rays on it. She's just enjoying a stroll, but notice how flowers suddenly grow wherever she steps and then disappear when she lifts any of her two feet off the ground.

Without saying anything to the comm, she begins to sing. It's obvious she doesn't know that the comm's on. When she's finished, she takes a seat on one of the stumps and stares up at the sky with curious eyes.
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[As usual, Kresnik is staring at the video feed with the most serious expression. Although, you'll probably notice a couple of birds flying over to him and perching on his head. Despite this, the soldier remains serious as he speaks.]

The snow from last week's blizzard is starting to melt. Due to these conditions, remain cautious when stepping outside. [Kresnik turns the video to show the muddy ground in Dissimulo before focusing it on himself again. He tries to swat the birds away with his hand, but they instantly fly back, pecking him on the head for his action.]

...If anyone has obtained a new ability, inform me.

[65% lock to all Watch members]

All remaining Watch members, report in. A new individual has joined, Lieutenant Enil.

[Without another word, he moves to end the feed as a few more birds start flying onto his shoulders.]
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I found Bread a better suitor because Jack doesn't deserve bread's affections. [For those who don't remember a certain post from the virus event, it is linked.]

It took a lot of hard searching and digging around since I'm sure he's very hard to replace. [Right. Okay then.]

But finally I have succeeded! [And Marco pulls back to reveal a loaf of bread and a stick of butter.] BEHOLD! A match made in heaven.

[So then using a butter knife he just puts butter all over that bread. Why not. And then he starts singing the wedding march. Afraid yet? You should be.]

Aren't they cute together?

[And then as he basks in the glow of a perfect romantic match; he opens his mouth up and eats them.] And now they'll be together forever.

[Once again... this little video brought to you because phoenix pirates get bored. Don't throw tomatoes though; he'd eat those too.]


Feb. 20th, 2012 04:52 pm
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[The comm turns on to show the face of not the one that owns it but a current hatless Luffy, wearing white baggy clothes. "Luffy" Just goes to grin at the screen and waves before reaching down to pick up an eevee and chuckle.]

Oiiii! Does anyone know where this one came from? I found it in my room! Would anyo-OI! [The Eevee leaps of out of "Luffy"'s hands and knocks the comm out and it shuts off.]

[OOC; Sai is testing out her powers and has currently taken on Luffy's form and is in her room at Greece's apartment. LET THERE BE SHENANIGANS AND CONFUSION!]
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Whoever said poetry can win anyone over was wrong. )

[ no this isn't about anyone in particular why would you think that
also why am i posting this, why didn't someone stop me ]
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[Private text to Clive] )

[Private text to Flora] )

[Private text to Hong Kong] )

[Private text to Japan] )

[Private text to Turkey] )

[ ooh: Okay, I had several letters in mind, hence the cuts. And… I am so so sorry. These are all heinous. I couldn't resist. ]
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Hong Kong-san,

It has come to my attention that our time here together has grown into something much more than what we have at home. Perhaps it is a forbidden sort of love, but I believe that is what causes it to burn so strongly! Forgive me if this is far too sudden, but I will wait as long as it takes for Hong Kong-san to be ready for such a thing. Please contact me as soon as this message is received. We do not have to stay in a place such as this with so many limitations...

With love,
The State of Japan


As Japan's communicator sends this message out, he'll just be on a walk and checking out Ace's old warehouse. Feel free to run into him along the way or come find him, otherwise he does have his comm with him!]
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Oi everyone. Tomorrow, the 11th is Japan's birthday. So do whatever it is you do to celebrate.

On another note, I'l going to try to keep the Northern Lights operational and hope Shinjiro comes back. If anyone has drinks they want, I'll create lists of what to keep an eye out for, try to bring things someone else might like in order to make trades. And if anyone wants to work there, let me know too.


[That would be the end of the transmission, but Marco accidentally attached something when he tried to send it to Japan. Do you dare read it?]

Happy Birthday Bushido. It's not much, but hopefully it'll make you laugh, eh? Hong Kong helped out a ton too.

OOC: Cut for craaaaack. Links contain bad drawings, you are warned. Any resemblance to people in Discedo is purely the fault of Marco. )

( text; )

Feb. 8th, 2012 08:15 pm
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Greetings my fellow kidnapped peeps living in anarchy! As you guys may have noticed, this place is playing mind games on us. Some of you are thinking "oh shit, this is like that time with the crystals, except you can't accidentally swallow them and have to look at naked pictures of France to vomit them back up." The rest of your are as lost and confused as Andy Warhol when he's off drugs. I know the spooks and some other dudes have got the broadcasted media covered, but you know what this place is sorely lacking?

The truth.

In fact, it goes beyond the truth, because it's so true you don't even need logic or reason to understand. It's a little something I'd like to call... truthiness.


it just gets stupider )

And to whoever who's responsible? I wanna have a few words with you. Privately.
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((BACKDATED TO THE THIRD Because Mary had internet problems and we really wanted to do this LOL.))
Okay, are you ready? Wait, lemme get your hair fixed up again. ((There's a shuffle; now, if drunken people could be identified by the little sounds they made, THEREEEEE'S definitely no sober person in this post. Giggles and singing.)) There. Totally Cute. You think? --Okay, let's do this.

((Hungary backs away from the camera, and this is WHAT'S IN STYLE. And here... they are to preform it for you!!!))
Uhh.. OH! To protect the world from devastation

((nudges the sleeping Greek.))--!!!!To unite all peoples within...... our nation!! Y'know like citizens.
To denounce the evils!!! Of truth! And love? Wait, what? Love isn't evil. Yea, I thought that was weird to... ((they squint thoughtfully.)) Maybe they mean indulgence... I guess that makes sense......((More squinting........ WHATEVER!))
To extend our reach to the stars above. ((yes they just threw glitter.))
Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!
Surrender now or prepare to fight!!!!!




Hungary and Greece are looking up with so much enthusiasm, but after about five seconds of this, they both droop.))
Meowwow, uuhhh.....

((ooc; Green is Hungary and blue is Greece. Joint post, weeee.))
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[The yell is accompanied by an all too familiar BZZZZZT of the communicator as the device drops to the ground, giving a nice view of Japan shaking his hands off with a startled expression. He seems to be out near the lake, dressed in completely normal winter clothing aside from Turkey's Ottoman Empire hat thing balancing awkwardly on his head. He fixes it so it's less over his eyes and kneels down to the communicator with a frown.]

Ah, my apologies... I had intended to speak once I arrived at a nice destination, but it seems such devices are not so patient. [Irritation is there, underneath his polite way of speaking... But he eventually sighs, wrapping his scarf a bit more closely around his neck as he continues to walk, looking to the communicator.]

As some may know, I am the creator of the map program that many should have seen by now. That being said... I am interested in programming other things, though I cannot say I am sure where to begin. Is there anything useful that is needed? Or perhaps it is fine to do games... Ah, if such a thing interests you, please be sure to fill out the form at the end of this post. I will put it up shortly.

[He raises a hand up to fix that hat again, finally seating himself on the ground near the lake.] Though on one more note... Has everyone viewed memories that are not their own by this point? ...I am simply curious. [The video shuts off there, and as promised, it's just a few seconds later before the text is added.]

Please fill out this form if you are interested in asking me to program something.

Thank you. 人(--*)

[Feel free to run into Japan around Discedo too if you'd like! I'd be fine with him seeing any and all memories from you guys so go for it, and just ask if you want to see anything of Japan's.]
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a familiar scene )

[It's the middle of the night, and Ran hasn't slept very well after that. In fact, it...doesn't feel like she's slept at all, and she can only replay the memories in her mind, like a broken record; wondering what it all means, and what brought this on.

It has something to do with Shinichi, that much is obvious.

It has something to do with Conan. And though she doesn't know a hundred percent whether these memories are his, she knows they only appeared after she spoke with him this evening. She hadn't spoken to anyone else the entire day, after all. Not even over the communicators. Not even while she was on patrol, although once the sun rises, she sits up in her bed and reaches over for her communicator to change that.

She clicks it on voice, not wanting anyone to see how awful she looks, and decides to phrase the question in such a way as to not alarm anyone.

...S-So! Um, did anyone else have a really strange dream last night?

[Laughing a little to make light of it. It's too real to be a dream, though. She knows, not to mention she hadn't really slept, so it could not have been one. But there'll probably more chance for a response if she words it like this, maybe. Hopefully. Experiencing someone else's memory is...is just too weird. Even for here.

Isn't it...?

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[ It's late in the afternoon; the sun is still out, but just barely, the light shading orange and red as it starts to dip below the horizon. Soon, it will darken, winding down through twilight and evening and then night.

Not that it mattered at all, really, since this room, the old gymnasium of the high school, high ceilinged and spacious, if slightly drafty, is full of light. 

There are round paper lanterns
strung up in the rafters among the beams, bright cheerful colors, some with designs in bold black ink, others in delicate little paper-slit curves and angles, and still others painted on with colors, tiny landscapes and flower motifs. Considering the surroundings, the effect is merry, happy, hopeful. Beneath the lanterns are a few round tables - none of them the same size, exactly, but all covered with different colored tablecloths and set with clean, if mismatched, bowls and utensils.

And food. They looked a bit strange, if you weren't used to them: sticky-sweet  湯圓  (元宵), made out of glutinous rice and different flavored fillings, such as peanut and sesame, floating, still-warm in the light soup that they were cooked in; 
, also sweet, though laid out in squares on plates instead of bowls; pyramids of mandarin oranges; and in the middle of each table, a pile of red envelopes with candies inside them. Chairs around the tables and benches and seats pulled from somewhere are scattered throughout the room, for comfort.

You may have followed a red, hand-lettered sign or signs, posted up at various parts of the city, with arrows pointing you in the right direction, or possibly word-of-mouth to this location, whether out of curiosity, courtesy, boredom, or pity. Welcome to the Lantern Festival, the last day of the Lunar New Year ( 農曆新年 ) or Spring Festival ( 春節 ). 

There are red banners on the walls (though not very high up) and sitting at a rectangular table right by the door into the gymnasium is Taiwan, with a pile of differently shaped lanterns behind her, smiling, ready to greet you. ]


Feb. 5th, 2012 09:43 am
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[For the first time ever, Marco gets a loud shocking zap. Normally he's way more on top of this thing. For an entire year he's always made sure to watch the thing like a hawk. Must be a special occasion for it to trip him up now. At first glance, Marco appears to be crying, but upon realizing the video got turned on, he stuffs the comm under a pillow. Then mumbles something incomprehensible through the pillow, which keeps being zappy thanks to the comm. So his face comes back into view as he takes the pillow off; deadpan as ever.]

Damn thing...

I guess I haven't been using it much since the switch, eh. [Like... at all. Good job Marco.]

I've just been busy. [Which explains nothing of the tears :|] So how is everyone? Having fun with the mummies? [And then because he's not used to it, he thinks he turned it off, but nope.]

Oi Japan! The hell is with this route? It's so sad! Stop making me fall in love with a pigeon!

Uwah... it's okay dove boyfriend, I'll stay with you no matter how short it is!
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Haven't seen France around...........

moping )

Oh yea. Don't anyone go into the museum for a couple of days. Repairs to be made.

(((For those still in his apartment, Greece is just sort of rolling around with a cat plush toy and reading his cat manga and wearing his cat ears from Christmas two years ago. Meow meow.....))

((ooc; anyway, once I get all the information set up, the aquatic life section in the museum has been opened up as of now! Wooohooo.))
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Hey. Scientists...

I don't know if you do requests but uh, I figure you can make an exception seeing as it's going to be my birthday in a few days or so.

Anyway, I want a cassette player, batteries to run it and my cassette collection from home. Does that sound reasonable? I'm kinda going a little crazy without my music so... if you could do that for me that'd be great.

[Casting his eyes off in thought he then adds with a sigh, mostly speaking to himself,]

Man... I wish I could get laid on my birthday.

[He then realizes he left the comm on and smiles innocently. You weren't supposed to hear that... But he quickly covers up his goof by switching to his bedroom eyes.]


[A wink, then he shuts the feed off.]
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 [It's been a couple of rough days and Adam's glad to be back to his youthful self. He had just learned that Conan's frequency had gone off the network and would assume that he went home. Sadly, he didn't think so: if Heiji and Japan had arrived back within a week and that woman who owned the motorcycle he borrowed (Thanks for that Kresnik: remind him to give you a good kick for that.), then he's not going to say anything until after the time is up.

But he will bring up that broadcast from late last night. So the feed turns on to a serious looking ranger.]

So if you didn't notice that broadcast for other than the bull about the 'hot steamy romance', something else was getting our attention: my kid and her boyfriend decided to get a little too crazy with machinery and somehow summoned a zoo. While I personally don't have a pet, some of you might and I doubt you want them cramped up in that room.

If anyone wants to go to this place Kain wants us to look at, let me know when you want to go and I'll take you there. It'll be better to have someone who's on the Watch to keep an eye on things while traveling there. If a group wants to go, then I'll make a list of who wants in on this little road trip.

((OOC: Sign up thread is here.))


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