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Aug. 1st, 2012 02:31 pm
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[Once upon a time there was a little troll named Gamzee. This little troll had a big problem. He was doing drugs! But one day, his supply of drugs went dry and he had all sorts of problems in his life, and he couldn’t be calm and quiet anymore! So instead, he went all sorts of hate murdery on everyone and killed some of his friends! The only way little Gamzee could get better was from a magical cheek stroke from his best friend, Karkat! Thanks to the magical pap-shoosh of his best friend, Gamzee was able to get over the worst of the ordeal!

But our story does not end here, little grublings. Not at all! You see, Gamzee’s story has just begun!

Little Gamzee woke up, all alone in a hospital, and goodness. He was quite concerned. He was by himself, the best friend whose magical touch had calmed him down, was nowhere to be seen! It was quite dreadful! Worried that he might do something awfully bad, now that the magical cheek stroking wasn’t happening, Gamzee started to wander all through the hospital, and tried to find his best friend. It seemed like hours! He would check various rooms, various hallways, hoping his best friend might be around there.

It wasn’t until he slid down a flight of stairs, which no one had warned him of, that he found himself precariously located at the hospital’s morgue! Of all places! But Gamzee’s got himself pretty used to death and corpses at this point! After all, he’s made a couple all by himself! (His ancestor would be so proud!) So going inside the morgue should be no big deal! Gamzee opens the door--

The sound of a record scratch fills the air.


Pardon me, children! But it seems as if little Gamzee has stumbled upon quite the unfortunate discovery! As swear words pour from his mouth, Gamzee approaches a table where upon it...is the body of his best friend. So peaceful, he appears to be. However, peaceful though he might appear, Gamzee’s shivering with rage, already swearing he will hunt down whoever killed his best friend. As he stands over his friend’s body, he contemplates severing his head and keeping a hold of it, like he has with several of his other friends...but there’s...one option...

It didn’t work when he did it for the boy he had a crush on, but maybe it would work with his best friend...

Gamzee then stands at the edge of the table, purple blood dripping over his cheek from an injury earlier that day! He says to himself, that a brother has to do what a brother has to do. He needs to wake up the sleeping knight! And who would have ever thought that the bard would be the one to do it! He was sure either the seer or the rogue would do it instead! Gamzee inhales again and leans down over his best friend, and gently, partially terrified...he kisses him, praying to his mirthful gods that he will wake up!]

[ Karkat, meanwhile, has been alive for… oh, a few hours, give or take. He actually hasn't been asleep the whole time. Mostly just been drifting contentedly on the edge of consciousness and enjoying what little peace and quiet he finally has. Even better, he doesn't feel sick anymore. His mind is clear and plotting swift vengeance on the opossums that poisoned him.

And then suddenly his peace is interrupted by some asshole kissing him. He opens his eyes.

On one hand, it's not Terezi, and that kind of sucks. On the other, it's not Dave, so it could still be worse. There is no time to ponder when Gamzee got here or why the clown is kissing him at the moment. The second their lips meet, a spark of fury is ignited.

Karkat has respawned.

His first act in his third go at life is to shove Gamzee away, lean over the side of the table, and vomit all over his shoes as a result of being kissed. Stan Marsh now has a kindred spirit.

[The response to this is rather simple. A very sad looking clown trying to wriggle his feet out of his bright purple shoes before the vomit can sink in and make his feet all gross and wet. So as he stumbles back, guess what has just fallen from his pocket and started to record them, with a lovely view of the morgue ceiling?]

Motherfuck, bro. Didn’t have to be all throwin’ your grubloaf up on a brother’s shoes, did ya? Ain’t like I was gonna be up and leavin’ ya there to get your dyin’ on, y’know!

[Fortunately, a tiny glimpse of Gamzee’s face is visible, his blood still sticking to his cheeks, and what looks like chocolate formed around his mouth. His shoes are in hand, and he looks like he’s trying to shake off Karkat’s moirail-barf from them.]

Just up and woke up here and got my worry on as to where this motherfucker might up and be chillin’, and got all sorts’a concerned that a best motherfucking friend of his might be all up and gone.

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