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[There’s no handy video today.

That flat, monotonic way Flandre’s mumbling the words out is another sign of things being…not quite right.

Cube hasn’t come back from work yet. Is he lost? Is he stuck somewhere? Cube, where are you?

[Her voice briefly rises, plaintive.]


Off-communicator actionish things )


[Later, the following is amended to the entry. Flandre doesn’t trust herself to speak without her voice tearing itself to incomprehensible sobs.]

We’ll need someone to stay with, until Cube comes back.

The house is too big.
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[The camera view flips on upside down at first—its user was sleepy. She rights it with a grumble as soon as she notices, which isn’t that fast.

And apparently…Cirno? She looks a bit grumpy, though, and like she just woke up. Kind of like how Flandre does when someone’s disrupted one of her catnaps, actually.

Would everyone stop screaming for a bit? I’m trying to sleep and then someone goes and shouts the stupid device on and the rabbits hear and turn it over and then everyone is awake.

Did people forget the scientists are still here and do strange things all the time, or something?

[Ironic, since she hasn’t noticed her own sudden change in appearances yet. Because this was, in fact, Flandre.

“Cirno” grumbles again, gets up from the table she was sitting at, and starts to toddle away with an oddly stooped over posture. Funny, her wings felt awfully light today. And she was cold. Time for blankets.

She glances back at the device a bit belatedly, and just…glowers at it a moment. It’s too far away to easily get back to, and she had a nap to resume. Priorities!

Adell, go turn it off.

[Because the rabbit is clearly going to understand what she’s saying and not look after her quizzically, even after she disappears around a corner.]


Jul. 13th, 2012 02:15 pm
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... -There's a rustling of paper, and a voice begins to slowly read. She's obviously trying very hard to make out the words. Sometimes she messes up.-

"I hate doing this but I've run out of options, there's nothing left I can do. I've tried everything and am finally pressed against the wall. We need help, we need a lot of help and I had no one else to write. I know there's not much you could probably do, but anything might help, could help. I'm desperate at this point.

Ichinomiya Kantarou"


This is... this is a letter from my family... I know his handwriting anywhere...

I wanna help to. I know there's not enough time to get my chip out. But I gotta help. If he and Haruka are there... I gotta help them!
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[You’ll need to go outside for most of this entry.

Why? Well, towards the evening Flandre has woken up and started…sneezing. SNEEZING minus the actual Words. After she’s knocked things around Cube’s office a few times, Cirno, being Cirno, has decided that this means some excellent flying practice is in order!

Or at least it seems that way since there’s now an ice fairy falling with style outside and a little vampire flying frantically after her to catch her.

…though it seems every time Flandre gets even remotely close enough she sneezes again and launches Cirno off into the air. Again.

One or both may be dangerously close to crashing into any observers instead, one or the other.

[Later, the audio part of the program]

[Though Flandre’s voice sounds quieter than usual, as if she’s standing some distance away.

Mostly because she is.

I liked it better when there weren’t any plants at all.

((OOC: Both Cirno and Flandre will reply to the action prompt.))
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-The video is having a lot of trouble focusing, but some people might pick up the transmission as coming from Mariner High. The camera darts about, the owner taking in everything in a hurry. What's more, was who the transmission was coming from at all... Finally, she speaks in Japanese.-


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