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[The yell is accompanied by an all too familiar BZZZZZT of the communicator as the device drops to the ground, giving a nice view of Japan shaking his hands off with a startled expression. He seems to be out near the lake, dressed in completely normal winter clothing aside from Turkey's Ottoman Empire hat thing balancing awkwardly on his head. He fixes it so it's less over his eyes and kneels down to the communicator with a frown.]

Ah, my apologies... I had intended to speak once I arrived at a nice destination, but it seems such devices are not so patient. [Irritation is there, underneath his polite way of speaking... But he eventually sighs, wrapping his scarf a bit more closely around his neck as he continues to walk, looking to the communicator.]

As some may know, I am the creator of the map program that many should have seen by now. That being said... I am interested in programming other things, though I cannot say I am sure where to begin. Is there anything useful that is needed? Or perhaps it is fine to do games... Ah, if such a thing interests you, please be sure to fill out the form at the end of this post. I will put it up shortly.

[He raises a hand up to fix that hat again, finally seating himself on the ground near the lake.] Though on one more note... Has everyone viewed memories that are not their own by this point? ...I am simply curious. [The video shuts off there, and as promised, it's just a few seconds later before the text is added.]

Please fill out this form if you are interested in asking me to program something.

Thank you. 人(--*)

[Feel free to run into Japan around Discedo too if you'd like! I'd be fine with him seeing any and all memories from you guys so go for it, and just ask if you want to see anything of Japan's.]
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[There is a witch sprawled out on her couch, wearing what appears to be a dragon-themed outfit of some sort and looking more than a little depressed.]

What kind of New Year is this? No firecrackers, not a single red scroll and absolutely no feast at all. And you didn't even bother to clean the house, either! Have you not learned anything?

[Here, have a very dramatic sigh.]
Bad children. Very bad children. Don't come crying to me if the Nian tries to gobble you up whole!

Year 一

Jan. 17th, 2012 01:59 am
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[The video turns on to a young girl who might look somewhat similar to another person in Discedo peering down at the communicator. Blank stare. Devoid of emotion. Is this really even a person? Finally, she whispers in Japanese:]

Demon mirror...

[And then gets up and wanders off leaving a lovely view of the Spero dock. But fear not. She returns! With a big rock. SMASH. The feed goes out. Take that evil hellspawn.]


And if you are in Spero your choice of terror introduction may come in one of three flavors today:

A. You were just out for a stroll. When suddenly. Young girls attack. That's right. You are now being tackled like a pro by a wild fourteen year old and she is yelling at you in Japanese. Happen to know the word... oni?

B. Maybe you're outside. Maybe you're inside! Suddenly you feel a tug at your pocket. ...Someone's trying to pick its contents and three guesses as to who it is.

C. Walking around the city you happen to notice a serene young girl sitting in what is clearly meditation. Maybe she's new and doesn't know about the monsters... Approach and- you'll find she's fast asleep. Fooled you didn't she?

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