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[ When the feed clicks on the camera is skewed slightly, poorly focused and clearly not actually intended for filming. No, this is very much an accident. ]

I'm… I am. I'm… I am. [ Sasuke is seen hunched over on his bed, eyes trained on a notebook scribbled with various English words he's studying and his mouth set in a grim line. Seems he's on contractions at the moment. ]

You will… You… ru. You ru. You'll… くそ! [ That notebook is suddenly flung away, his head sinking into his hands as Sasuke sighs out heavily. Such hot-headedness from a normally calm and collected person… Luckily for him that video cuts off before he can unwittingly reveal anything else he doesn't care to share. ]

( ooc: edited to add that this is backdated to just a few hours before the furniture event begins. )

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