stardustreverie: (Bitch please)
Marisa Kirisame ([personal profile] stardustreverie) wrote in [community profile] discedo2012-07-13 12:26 am

☆-06 [Video]

[The video turns on and it shows Marisa sitting at the edge of a building, reading over a letter. Her face is hidden by both her hat and her hair. The hand not holding the letter though, is shaking and the hand in clenched in a fist, The only indication something is wrong. She looks towards the device and her face is blank but her eyes show her anger.]

I don't know the deal with this but this only hurts you more than us.

You have Reimu. To tease us? To torment us? Just to piss us off? Fine.

[A smile crosses her face. To those who know her well, that is the smile she gets when she's about to spark you right in your face.]

You made a mistake.

[With that, the video cuts out]

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