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☆-02 [Action]

[Marisa had slipped out onto a rooftop to watch the sky and the streets from a high viewpoint. She was thinking about all that had happened so far and what she had learned. After a quick glance about to see if anyone was there, she turns serious. The hat is removed and a hand runs through her hair as she walks towards the edge.]

This place really does not mess around. Once that stupid chip comes out...

[She puts the hat down and fishes out her Mini-Hakkero and concentrates for a moment, hoping that maybe the reactor might just give the tiniest of reactions. When it doesn't, she frowns and puts it away again into one of her many hidden pockets. and looks to the sky]
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[And in the sky, it's a bird! No, it's a plane! No, it's... a flying staff? The staff lands next to Marisa jangling slightly, before... turning its attention towards her?]

Good morning... or is it afternoon? I wake up so late, I usually lose track of time. Then again... with time zones and what not it could even be night.

[Yes this talking pole doesn't even look at the sky to see whether or not it is night. Then again... it's not like it exactly has eyes.]
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Oh I just dropped in from Massachusetts. I saw a breach in the 4th wall and said to myself, 'Now that looks interesting!'

[The staff doesn't seem particularly worried about being stolen... if it has worries, being a staff.]
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Oh yes, why just a little while ago I heard that the entire wall fell down! They should really be careful with a wall that separates reality and make believe. Mess with that wall and anything could happen.
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[A certain miko is walking around, confused and annoyed. She scratches her head and sighs.]

Great. Nice going, Yukari! Next time, I should blast her when I see her.
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I don't know! I was merely minding my own business, resting outside on the shrine veranda, when I suddenly found myself here!

[Takes a breath.]

I assumed it was Yukari's idea of a joke, but I doubt she wanted to send me here to the outside world. She needs me to solve her incidents, after all.
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Flandre and Cirno? Good grief, it's like this place really knows how to pick them.

[Groans as she facepalms at that thought.]

Lead the way, then. You probably know more about this place than I do.
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I see. I'm not too worried about that stupid ice fairy. Flandre, on the other hand...

[Reimu says this with a concerned look on her face.]
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Yes, I know, but I bet Remilia is worrying herself sick back home. At least she isn't causing chaos here.
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[Well, if Marisa's feeling pretty aware of her surroundings today, she might notice a familiar face standing right behind her... and she's hardly amused.]

There you are.
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[Alice simply shakes her head at that. Typical of Marisa to not take these things seriously.]

Why don't you tell me? One moment I'm busy with my own things, next thing I know I somehow end up in this place. Is this supposed to be someone's idea of a practical joke?
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[And suddenly, from nearby:]

Must you follow me everywhere, rat?
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[As soon as Marisa takes off her hat, a hand whistles through the air where said hat should have been.]

Oh, bother.

[That voice sounds...vaguely familiar maybe but where is it coming from? There seems to be just sky again now.]
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Right here, of course.

[There's the voice again.

...right in front of Marisa's face.

Still no visible sign of who's making said voice, however.
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Oh no, I think you may have guessed my identity.

[The voice doesn't sound terribly concerned, though, as the one responsible for the voice finally appears!

--as Flandre.

A much bigger Flandre. Like, somewhere in the region of suddenly-six-feet. Yet hanging upside down, in midair, at Marisa's eye-level--but without a single bit of her now much longer hair or dress or coat or wing crystals out of place and pointing logically at the ground.


Because fuck you gravity, that's why.

And not even a hello?
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Oh, between this and that and the other things.

[Big!Flandre seems to chuckle.

At least, that's probably what that rumbly sound that was more felt than heard could be interpreted as.

She reaches out with a much longer arm to pinch Marisa's nose.

Not even surprised, are you.
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[Flandre chuckles again.]

Of course I am. I'm on vacation.

[She rotates herself around to stand properly this time.]

Even pseudo-divine responsibilities grow tiring.