Sep. 4th, 2012

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[Tuesday Sept, 4th]

[The communicator turns on with a loud scream coming from it. The next thing it will show is Leanne in a room within the Discedo hospital. She just starts shaking a little, bringing her hands to her face and cupping herself a little in her own wings as she remembers what happened. She.... She had died, how is she alive again? She lowers a shaking hand to her chest to touch the scar of where the blade killed her and frowns. She goes to speak out in Ancient Laguz.]

Brother? ..... Lady Ilyana? Are the both of you here or am I in another world? If you are there.... Please.... [And here might be just a few tears in her eyes.] Please come and get me if you are out there. [And here the communicator shuts off.]

[Thursday Sept, 6th]

[The communicator turns on to show Leanne still shaken a little over her death and revival but is mostly recovered. She is just humming a little bit to herself before she notices the communicator and she takes it in order to start the text.]

Time in this world.... It seems to fly by fast. How long have people been here and how one ages here? Another year of life to be given since you were born. What a place to spend that day of birth.

[ooc; Double-post so that I won't be spamming the comm. lol But yeah, please discate which day when replying and more then one thread is welcomed!]


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