Aug. 14th, 2012

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i dont rightly feel i owwe anyone wwho might be residin in this place a damn introduction but ill alloww this one exception
be grateful
im eridan ampora prince a hope and i knoww damn wwell i deservve a full explanation elucidatin wwhere and wwhy im in this wworld
this is hardly evven wwithin a close proximity a wwhere i should be and wwhile im not outright complainin about these unexpected turn of evvents i feel it wwithin my fuckin right to be informed a wwhere i am and wwhy
is there evven anyone i knoww here
ivve my staggerin doubts on that though
pretty damn sure theyre all back on that horrid meteor wwith their alienatin pretentious self-absorbed attitudes
or maybe just dead
either wway is this evven truly reachin anyone


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