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I'm tired of this. I die here in the hands of a drag queen and a some weirdo, and I go back home. Then I die there in the hands of the person I thought was a mutual friend, and I come here.

( Yuki grunts a bit. )

I remember everything. Brook I'm going to beat you up for being a pervert to my human self, Turkey I am going to ignore you now for only liking my human self, and everyone else, it's best if you tell me where the one with the red hair is and the one with the blue hair is.

ooc: not to worry she won't take it out on Tatsumi and Grell just yet. also I realize the old Grell was the one who killed her so when she finds that out, she'll just leave him alone.
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[Tatsumi is sitting outside, ruined buildings behind him, but mostly sky. Probobly on a rooftop somewhere. Anyway, he's got a friend with him. His mochi double, which is odd since they usually hate one another.

But for now he is petting it's head and "ears" before yawning a bit dramatically.

You guys just going to sit back and watch your puni friends get slaughtered?

[He swings the device around to show a Mochi VS Puni battle happening below. The Puni's are out numbered.]

It almost seems like you're all afraid to stand up and fight.

I guess there isn't anything left to do but drive those punis out!

[The camera is turned back around now, Tatsumi!Mochi is on his shoulder.]

Isn't that right?

[The Mochi gives out a happy "Ya!" before Tatsumi strokes it's belly-like area with a curled finger.]

It's too bad how some of you guys don't have a side to be proud of. If I were you, I'd give it all I got. Like a big showdown.

[The Mochi begins to bounce with excitement "Ya! Ya!! Ya!!!"]


You really shouldn't let them down.

[Tatsumi's smile turns into a very dark grin right before the feed is turned off.]

((OOC: Tatsumi is trying to rile people up to fight. Because watching everyone go at it is really amusing... and he might even get a little action himself, if he gets too bored. And you really don't want that.))


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