Jul. 8th, 2012

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My Father's jacket. [This is a side of Marco few in Fortuna have ever seen before. And if they're all lucky, no one will ever need to see it again. His tone is deathly serious, quite but deadly and threatening. In no uncertain terms does it brook arguing with him. Not without a severe level of masochism anyway, and even then, it wouldn't be wise.]

There are a lot of things I can put up with in this place. A lot I have put up with. Having Pops' jacket stolen is not one of them. Everyone's got twenty four hours to return it safely or I'm going to tear this place apart to find it.

[Oh he's serious too. Might want to ask what that's all about.]
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I am more than tired of this place. The scientist don't even care about us! I want to return home, I really do. I miss Kaname and Zero and the headmaster. Most of all I miss my life. Now I live someone else's. I don't know who I am!

( Yuki raises a journal. )

You see this? I found it in my apartment. It belongs to Kuran, Yuki Kuran. She wrote about not wanting to remove her chip in fear of attacking some of you because she was a vampire. Now I have dealt with vampires sure, but wait does this tell me? That a vampire has to live in fear of themselves just because of where they are? Thanks scientists, you make me quite proud of you.

Another thing, why is everyone just living life so normally here? Don't you miss home? Don't you miss your beloved ones? Your boyfried or girlfriends? Don't you fear that you'll end up growing old here and dying alone without having passed on your genes?

I am tired of this place. Just send me home!

(edit: text private to Turkey)

Turkey-san, I'm going to need Artemis back. I plan on helping someone.
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It seems Flora's finally been returned home. Good for her, and good on the scientists, I say. A young lady like that doesn't exactly deserve to be trapped in a place like this. Then again, I wonder how much different this place would be if those who deserved it were the only ones here. Some of us need it as well, correct? The opportunities Discedo gives us are astounding...

Before I get distracted, I've two requests. I'm looking for a Japanese teacher, and perhaps a video camera. Not like the communicators, an actual video recorder. Perhaps there's someone who knows how to provide one? I may be able to find something broken for repair. As for the Japanese, we'll put my prior knowledge at 'zilch'.

Oh, and, I was wondering if anyone wanted to share any other theories they have about Fortuna? I'm attempting to compile some things, and unfortunately it seems all my old papers were ruined, and well, no better place to begin except from the start!


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