Jun. 4th, 2012

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Well, look at this. Fresh verdure, artistically forwrought walkways, monsters a--((BANG))--plenty. It's a regular party here, isn't it? And really, I've never met a friendlier crowd. It says use this, but it seems it's only brought me more trouble that its worth each time....

Hold on--Damn these Malboro...

((The feed clicks off with another bang. When it returns, Balthier is feeling equally casual as when he'd started his message.))

There, I seem to have subdued the majority of my company, or at least for the time being. Now, to business: I hear a few voices coming from this radio; care to have a little chit chat any of you? Citizens of the empire, villagers of Jahara; Humes, Seeq, Bangaa alike. I don't rightly care one way or the other. So long as I can return to Balfonheim as soon as possible.

I'm really not in the mood. ((REALLY. not in the mood.))


Jun. 4th, 2012 11:14 pm
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 [Danny's voice is pained and strained, as if he was only just managing to keep himself from screaming.]

C-Can I get a little help here?  Pl-

[He cuts himself off and concentrates on breathing.  A few seconds later he manages to force out the last of his message.]

Please?  Soon?

[ooc: Danny just discovered the blood blossoms.  By getting trapped in a circle of them in the park in Discedo.  Rescue please?]

[Video] - I

Jun. 4th, 2012 11:39 pm
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[There's an eye pressed up close to the screen... or as close as it can get, behind the wall of the glasses that James Potter is always wearing.]

...Bloody Muggle... whatsit...

[Comes the grumbling tone, under his breath. He's clearly not aware that the 'whatsit' is on as he pulls back to fidget with it, giving a last, valiant effort to make sense of it before giving up and tossing it to the ground.

The view now just shows half his head, far above and mostly sky.

He's failed (for the moment) at dealing with strange thing number two: so he'll go back to dealing with strange thing number one!

Which was--...where on earth was he?]

Portkey, maybe? Droll of them. Middle of nowhere, to boot... could at least have the decency to transport me some place pretty if they wanted to have an unfair duel.

[Though, even as he attributes the sudden move to the Death Eaters, he does find it odd that... none are about.

No one is attacking him, really.

'No one attacking' doesn't happen much, mid-war, behind enemy lines.

So if he's not behind enemy lines...]

Merlin... not going to figure it out just standing around here, James. May as well get a move on.

And stop talking to yourself. It's not an attractive quality...

[Really. The invisible people here in he-didn't-know-where might get the impression he was barking mad, if he didn't stop monologuing soon.]


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