Jun. 2nd, 2012

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[The video feed clicks on to reveal Ilyana gorging herself on all manner of delicious looking foods, like pizza, apple pie, sheppard's pie, chocolate chip pie... what do all these things have in common? Why yes they are PIES! There even may be a PI in there too. What's truly remarkable though is that they are all growing off of the trees surrounding her. It is a feast of wonderfully strange pies, and Ilyana is taking advantage of every bite she can get her hands on.]

Theefe pief arf reeaphy goof!

(These pies are really good!)

If anfyonf wanfs anyf fof fhem, (If anyone wants any of them) [She takes a moment to stop and swallow] I suppose I could share too. I don't know what incredible magic created these beautiful and wonderful trees, but I'd protect them with my life.

[And she's back to eating them again.]

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Jun. 2nd, 2012 10:23 am
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[ As far as afflictions go, Shizuo's are quite... mild.

He tugs at his collar and fans his flushed face with his hand, obviously feeling the scorcher of a day... but it's not even hot out...

Damn... not a good day for this.

[ His bartender's uniform. It needs to go, but he has nothing else to wear and he's never been a flashy person. So pocketing his bow-tie and throwing his dark vest over his shoulder, he walks around the streets of Discedo hoping to cool down. ]

Bolin! BOLIN! Shit...

[ Oh. And he's searching for his long lost brother Bolin Heiwajima. He's pretty adamant about it, he's been looking everywhere. So if you see him, throw him a bone, guys; he's having hot and cold flashes, has a missing brother, he's fucking lost and his memory is playing tricks on him.

Beware, though. Shizuo seems to think everyone he meets along his journey is a person from his life in Ikebukuro. The good and the bad.

And there are many, many people better left forgotten.


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