May. 19th, 2012

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4th wall is officially over!

Thank you so much for a-playing my game!

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[Well, hello there, visitors! Are you tired of all the incessant Q&A and the seemingly neverending track of not-quite-friendly monsters on your tail? Well, complain no more! This time, you'll be treated to a vision of a witch lazily sitting on her couch, dressed in what can only be described as a very skimpy kimono.

Fortunately for you, at least she won't be charging for that.]

This has got to be the worst party ever-- lots of guests and no proper feast or booze within sight? [Pause as she takes a sip from her own drink, and that would almost clash with what she just said, if not for the next added bit:] I'm not sharing any of mine, by the way.

[Unless you're very, very special. But good luck trying to meet her standards.]

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( The feed opens up to an empty bed room. However if whoever is watching is to stay a few more seconds, they can hear two different voices yelling at each other. )

This part isn't that important. )( Not that anyone can see but Stocking changes quickly and appears in the feed. She sits down on the bed she and China share. She is followed by China and they both stare at the screen, both grabbing each other's hands. China begins to speak with a big blush on his face. )

Nihao...We both have a very important announcement that we would like everyone to hear, aru.

( Stocking faces China softly and stares at him lovingly. )

Well you see the thing is I really love Yao...a lot, and he loves me.

Y-Yes that is right. Also whether or not you noticed, Stocking has a ring on her finger. A wedding ring...I gave her that ring.

And I'm going to marry Yao, the one who gave me the ring.

( China's expression suddenly becomes confident. )


So I, Wang Yao, and my fiancee, Anarchy Stocking, would like to invite family, friends, everyone to our engagement party and wedding.

So that's it. If anyone decides to fuck this up, I will murder you.

[OOC: That's right, they are getting married for those of you who didn't know. Also red is China and blue is Stocking. Feel free to have your character freak out or scream in joy. ]


May. 19th, 2012 01:11 pm
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This has gotta be some kind of… screwed up dream…

[ There's lightly panicked breathing, albeit calm for one who has just woken up in a strange world. Adrenaline is high, but there's no one around for him to blame, nothing around for him to throw.

A blond man in bartending regalia lights a cigarette, unconcerned with the fact that the communications device is making a small documentary: Inside the Pocket, the untold story. There's a grunt of disproval, he obviously realizes something's amiss after a quiet beep alerts him to the piece of technology hidden from view.

What the hell is-… a phone…?

[ He's obviously stressed, his voice clipped, strained as though he's trying to keep his wits about him. The feed shakes, the image blurs from a violent motion, a rough hand locked around the camera. A thumb moves and you finally see the man's face.

… He looks quite angry, a tick at his brow, a twitch at his jaw where his teeth are clenched around the filter of his abused cigarette. Like an animal backed into a corner.

Spyin' on me now? Tch. I don't get it -- whaddaya want me to do?

[ The image takes on a new angle; Shizuo holds the camera up, pointing it down towards his face at a rather artistic angle and he stares up into it with a squint over his sunglasses as though trying to decipher an unintelligible code. ]

Well… fuck this. Fuck you. Like I'll make it that easy!

[ Expression darkening, the cigarette he can be seen holding snaps between his fingers. The device loses focus immediately, white noise flickering briefly when the uneven ground catches it, managing to land with its camera pointed up at grey sky.

Just in time to record the heel of a dress shoe dropping down on the lens.

Problem solved!
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--llo? Someone? Any--

[ The feed starts, showing someone's shoes, and a small, bright red ferret blinking up. The view quickly changes as Bolin ditches the communicator in favor of his friend, finally coming into view, addressing--yes, that's right, the ferret. He's talking to the ferret. ]

Pabu! Oh, you have no idea how good it is to see you, buddy. Do you know if Mako's around? I can't find--

[ He's interrupted by the sound of trash cans falling over. He turns quickly, coming face-to-face with one of the larger local monsters. And boy does it look happy to see him, jaws wide and claws ready. Bolin doesn't seem concerned as he shifts into a stance, raising an arm up to punch at the air, towards the monster.

Nothing happens.

Bolin stands there shocked, no--horrified, as the monster's teeth sink into his arm.

What happened to his bending?

The pain seems to snap him back to reality, and he shoves the monster off, turning to run. Pabu, bless his soul, nabs the communicator and scampers after Bolin--climbing onto his shoulder once he catches up.  The feed is bumpy for a while, little paws on the screen with a lovely picture of the sky.

Once he's lost the monster he stops, crouching low behind some rubble to catch his breath. ]

Just what is this place?

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[ There's the sound of quiet, fearful breathing. A gasp. Some rustling as she stands and...quickly falls to her knees once more. She doesn't have it in her to stand. ]

I'm---alive? But...[ But how? ]

[ Some time later a text goes out: ]


What day is it?
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