Apr. 26th, 2012

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[Luffy's voice comes on not too long after docking back in Discedo, but his usual enthusiasm is definitely not there. His voice is a bit serious, yet with a tang of guilt in there.]

Hey everyone, it's Luffy. I'm just checking in to see that you guys got the medical attention or rest you need. [He'll rest in his own room soon. He's silent for a bit longer, and then begins to speak again.]

And... I'm sorry I couldn't keep us all safe. I'll try harder next time, I promise--! [It's hard to tell if he's reassuring himself or the others. But his voice cracks slightly, and he just has one last thing to say.]

I'm... really, really sorry for the people who died.

[And now he's going to just go to his apartment and stay there for a while.]

Private call to Marco )


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