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[ Audio ]

A...Attention everyone!!! If you could please direct your gaze to the sky. Yes yes... Took a bit of er.. time but the ball is about to drop. [ Look up everyone!! You'll see there is, indeed, a ball about to drop, hanging from a crane across the middle of Lander. It looks so beautiful shining down the dirty street. ]

[ Here, his voice is cast off and far away, responding to a male. Perhaps [personal profile] settlethescore? ] Make them do the count down!! S-SHOOOO. I have this... I have this under control.

[ He's breathing heavy. ]
But yes... just... just count! There's twenty seconds on the clock. [ The ball begins to drop then, but he doesn't start for a few seconds. ]

Seventeen... [ A breath ] Sixteen... [ Another ] Fifteen... [ He counts so slow, more than just three seconds have past. His words are quiet as he whispers into his communicator. ] Fourteen.

GODDAMN IT I SAID COUNT!!! Count or... or.... I'll blow this place straight to the sky!! YOU DON'T THINK I WILL???

[ A long pause; Someone is BOUND to start counting, and he mutters a quiet "good... good...."

Those who count with him, even just a few, are enough to save the entirety of Discedo from being sky high. Anyone browsing the network will see seven of the scientists hooked up to it.

Keep your eyes fixed on the ball. As you count, the drops lower and lower. If you're quiet, and can hear over Kevin chanting each number, you may hear the whisper.] Looks like you get to go out with the bang you always wanted, little brother. [ "ONE!!" The ball reaches its final length, and at "zero" cracks open.

A body falls out, drops three feet before caught on a rope. It's Jay, [personal profile] rawdramatics. He wiggles around, grasping at the rope, not yet dead. You can hear him gasping and struggling from your communicator. There is nothing you can do, either. He'll die by the time anyone could save him... ]

[ Only Kevin and Jay are left on the network when his body ceases, and what's left then is only Kevin breathing heavily. ]

...It's done!!! We... we can go home...!! All of us. All of us are free finally.

Haha... HAHAHA..... FINALLY!! [ His teeth chatter. Whatever it is that happens, he doesn't bother to cut away from the network like the rest of them. ]

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