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[Video] In which Pirates distribute Treasures Maps

Hey everyone, it's Marco. [You know, in case you couldn't tell from him being... Marco :|]

This actually took a little longer than I meant it to, but a couple of my maps got trashed, and then I nearly lost them when we moved and then I had to get the right kind of bottles--

[Wait. None of you needed to know that. Scratch that and ignore.]

Ah that is -- [Dramatic extra pirate-y mode get!] -- ARRR! Listen up me hearties and mateys alike! Around the port o' call: Discedo, there be buried treasures just waiting to be found and dug up! I have 'ere on me six treasure maps, and there be telling what gold lies at 'dem ends of rainbows wherein treasure marrrrks the spot! [He's trying really hard. Pirates in his world don't talk like this, okay? He has to guess what people think pirates sounds like and fill it in from imagination.]

Be ye daring enough to give these clever puzzles an attempt and earn the treasure and stake yer rightful claim to it?

And if not, then this is just a reminder that the Northern Lights is still operating and a lot more fully stocked. Bring me treasure, more drinks, or whatever you can. If nothing else, food can go to other people or the soup kitchen. We also take blood. [Bloody Mary's and all that. Okay no, that's not why, but if you ask he will claim it is.]

Now get hunting! Come get yer treasure maps and team up to split the treasure! Ev'ryone playing must have at least one sturdy nakama with 'im or 'er to ensure their victory!

[The treasure maps are completely ridiculous. A weird combination of puzzle-ish things, Marco doodles, and much like the game "Mother May I?" with each set of paces between markers being labeled with things like "89 ostrich leaps east" or "14 turkey struts west" or "7 railroad rails north" but aside from ridiculousness, they aren't too hard to solve. The puzzles are at each maker, and they're not hard if you're accurately following the maps --> for instance Northern Lights might just literally be called "The reverse of Southern Darkness" and so forth.

The treasures are random things he got off of beating up way too many monsters (before the re-vamp even), buttons, bottlecaps, some collected candies from the item shop, and some other junk things like hemp bracelets, or honestly whatever looked interesting to him. There's also a blue rubber ducky with a pirate eyepatch in each of the treasure chests. He dislikes splitting up brothers, but he's sure they'll all find good homes.

Each of the treasures is mostly within Discedo itself, but he still won't give a map to anyone who doesn't have at least one partner with them in case of monsters (none of you are phoenixes, you can deal with his hypocrisy here) and also to make the point about nakama. That said, threadjumping all over this post to find partners is totally encouraged. The treasures are not buried, just marked with a poster of "X" hanging over them. Which is the other reason he's worried about monsters, because they're hidden, but not impossible to find by any stretch of the imagination. Anyways, have fun! Marco's birthday was the 6th, but he didn't do much with it, since he was getting his shit together. If your character would know about it though, feel free to bug him.]

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