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[Accidental Video]

[Washu's in her kitchen staring at her coffee pot as she waits for its life giving liquid to finally finish. Sitting beside her is Ryo-Ohki who is looking at her curiously and sitting on the table around her are various mugs. All of them empty and looking like they all held some sort of drink at one point.

No matter how much caffeine she ingests, it never seems to be enough to feed the addiction or to chase away the headache. Whoever is responsible for this is going to get hell from her when she finds them. ]
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[Smoking a cigarette. Which is unusual to say the least.]

Late night work session or something?
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Please tell me that's not all for yourself, eh?
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Little Washu... no... How many have you had already?
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Are you even big enough for all this?

[Oops. Marco is rarely one to say anything about someone's height, as he is nearly the runt of his family... at 6'3" mind you. But nicotine addiction is getting to him.]
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Hah you're even worse than Haruta about it. [Waves a hand.] Nah, I don't want to find out if you discovered a way to permanently kill here. Well, I do, but not at that cost.


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And I thought I was a fan of coffee.

[Izaya gazed bemusedly at the glasses before his eyes flickered back up to Washu and her strange pet.]

Not worried they might run out if you keep drinking like this?
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Don't let me stop you!

[Izaya's grin only widened.]

I'm only a mere passerby hoping to save you from yourself~

[Not really.]

So what is with all the coffee anyways?
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Addictions come about as a result of stress. Not feeling a little stressed are we?
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I'm willing to trade information then.

Orihara Izaya at your service.
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[ fuck yo kitchen, all france cares about is your café

which he's trying to discern the quality of right now, but it's a little hard to do it through a tiny little screen

Have you ever tried espresso, ma chère?

[ like whatever to the fact he's totally creeping on her, totally excusable if they're talking about beverages right ]
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Aa oui? [ Have an eyebrow raise, Washu. Okay, consider his curiosity piqued. ]

And what aaa... what kind of brew is it that you have, mon amie? [ Better have France make a note of that far in advance. ]
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[ wow that's


how scientific

don't mind him spacing out for a second, marveling at the implications of that, before being dragged back to reality by her warning.

Quoi? Aaa non, I am more interested in the coffee and how it tastes, ma chère. Though aaa... tu sais, you are an equally lovely sight, perhaps even more so, ma belle.

[ he can't help himself + fuck it she's not there to throw him out any windows yet, maybe by the time she finds him he'll have his chip out and all will be well...

...or maybe he's just in for a world of hurt and his compulsive flirting is something he's really going to have to learn to tone down. yep.
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It would seem you have a drinking problem. Yohohoho!