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[The video feed clicks on as Ilyana is rushing to the body of her fallen friend.]

Leanne! Please, open your eyes! Please don't be dead! I... I promised I would protect you... please don't... don't

[Ilyana pulls out her physic staff, trying desperately to heal her... but she is beyond the point of saving, and the chip prevents her from using it regardless. At this point Ilyana is breaking down into tears.]

You can't die Leanne... you have your brothers and you were going to marry Naesala, and everyone loves you... please Leanne I...

[Ilyana whimpers while holding Leanne in her arms. There is a fatal wound through Leanne's chest, and her pure white wings are stained with her own blood.]

I... I'm sorry Leanne... I'm so sorry. I promised to protect you and I... [Ilyana gasps between tears] I've failed you... and everyone.

[Ilyana holds Leanne even closer to her trying to hold back the tidal wave of tears.] What... what good am I as a mage if I can't even use my magic... not even to protect the ones I love. Leanne I...

[Ilyana simply weeps as the video feed cuts out.]
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[Like hell Marisa is going to ignore this type of post. She didn't even bother watching how she responded. She looks worried.]

Ilyana! Where are you? What happened?

[You caught her while she was in the middle of her work, so she is wide awake and heading out the window of her apartment on her broom]
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[Video to Action]

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Be there in a moment!

[She disconnects and follows the map and is soon landing a bit aways from the scene. She starts running towards the whole thing but stops when she sees the blood and the body. She moves a bit slower now, to not startle Ilyana, soon kneeling next to her and putting a hand on her shoulder, being ready to dodge if needed, but she wanted to be there. All these deaths out of no where were starting to concern her.]

Hey...I'm sorry..

[She isn't sure what to say in all honesty. She's always smiling and being a smart ass or sarcastic that this whole thing seems off to her.]
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Because someone is a asshole and thinks they can mess with people.

[Marisa is blunt and to the point. Her free hand clenches into a fist, upset that someone around here would do something like this. She's quiet for a moment, thinking on this when she remembers something Flandre told her when she first arrived. She might have a bit of good news.]

Which means that either they do or do not know about the fact people will come back. If they do...

[She frowns at this. Murder wasn't something she was used to, sense all the fighting she did just stung a bit...Other then knowing about the two immortals but still!]
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Yeah. When I got here I was told that even if someone dies, they should be back.

[Marisa tries to give a reassuring smile. At least she's trying on this.]

But we should still move her body outta the middle of everythin'. Even if she's comming back, I doubt we want the monsters around here ta desecrate her body. I don't know how it all works, unfortunately and I'm not sure I want to know.
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Yeah, I kinda doubt these scientists will let us all off that easily. Besides, it's probably another way to mess with us all.

[Marisa shakes her head no to the second question. Dead bodies are new to her, and she secretly wished it stayed that way BUT friends come first!]

That I don't know...Maybe the Hospital...? Might be better then here.

[She's going to glance about to see how close they are to there. If they are far..She might be able to fly them there...]

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What are friends for?

[The witch stands up and shakes her head again, a wild grin forming on her face.]

Let me give ya a lift ze! I can get us back there fast then us goin' on foot.

[She flips the broom up into her hand and holds it level. There was enough room for everyone, even though it meant Marisa would be close to the edge of the handle]

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[Oh okay. Marco's lost it. Just seriously. All the damn rage. The scariest part? It's almost controlled.]

When I find who did this I'll make them wish they were never born.
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Take her to the hospital and she'll revive soon. I'll come help.

Sorry Ilyana.
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No one stays dead here forever.
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Anywhere between a day or two and a couple of weeks.
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I'll help. You aren't alone in this, eh.
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She's family now. I should have done more to make that clear.


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